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Rainwater Catchment Systems

Texas rainfall patterns historically tend to be inconsistent. Quite often wet years are following by dry ones. Rainwater collection systems need to be designed to capture sufficient amounts of water to meet a family's needs during the dry years. In conservative households the average gallons per day individual falls between 25 and 40 gallons. Utilizing this information enables one to calculate the size of roof area and tank capacities needed.

The net return of one inch of rain on one square foot of roof equals .6233 gallons. Consequently, a one inch of rain on 1000 square feet yields 623 gallons. During the calculation phase, one must remember that the roof area can only be calculated by the roof footprint (square footage of the area under roof). Square footage calculated due to roof pitch will not increase the amount of return.

Rain water is virtually mineral free. This advantage means less water heater problems, as well as less shower head, commode, and faucet aerator repair. Soap and detergent use is significantly reduced resulting in lower phosphates in gray water.

Filtration needs will vary based on the users specific application. Whether you’re filling a stock tank or installing a whole house filtration system, we carry all the supplies you’ll need.

Please ask us for assistance in planning your system, large or small. We have an extensive stock of water storage tanks for potable or non-potable water, or water storage tanks that can be buried.