About Us

In 1943, when Fred Oman decided to stop selling logs and start selling wood, he started Peninsula Box and Wood.  His main product was wooden boxes to ship oysters to the east coast. He also manufactured “underground cottages” in which the peninsula’s finest were laid to rest.

Later, his son Roy joined him to form Oman and Son Builders Supply and they began selling materials to build homes.  Roy’s wife Donna remembered, “We emptied out our postal savings to buy those first trucks of lumber and I was afraid we might be making a big mistake." Needless to say, the business was a success.

In 1977, their son Steve and his wife Joanne purchased the business. Steve continues to run it today. Perhaps in their children: Stevie, Mark and Annie there lies a fourth generation of Oman and Son Builders Supply.

Proudly serving our local community since 1943

Fred and Grace Oman with grandson, Steve Oman

Two little boys at the Oman & Builder's Supply

Oman & Son Builders Supply lumber truck