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Preparing Your Home and Yard for Harsh Winter Weather

A snow covered luxury home under blue sky.

As temperatures continue to drop, the likelihood for harsh weather and winter storms in the Richmond area increases. Rather than waiting for the weatherman to declare a snowstorm is on its way, take the time to prepare your home and yard for any potential harsh winter weather. 

Not sure where to start? Take a look at our list below to see what may apply to your home and yard. Winter weather is much more bearable when you’re prepared. 

Caulk and Weatherstrip

Caulking the exterior of your home is a great way to keep the warmth inside the walls of your home. Since caulk is waterproof, this chore is not something you have to do every year. In fact, caulking can last up to seven years. Simply use the caulk around the exterior of your doors and windows and you will help trap heat inside. 

Installing weatherstrips is another great way to prepare your home for colder weather. One way to utilize weatherships is to use door gaskets (aka “jam ups”) to ensure your doors are sealed as tight as possible. Check  your threshold seal too and consider a new threshold strip or door bottom if needed. Another option to consider is felt weatherstripping tape. One benefit to using tape is that it will allow you to seal the sharp angles in your doors and windows more precisely. Both options will not only help keep the heat inside your home this winter, but they may also save on your electric bill as well.

Remove Low Hanging Branches

Low hanging tree or shrub branches are more likely to break when the weight of snow or ice builds on top of them. If these branches break, they can end up damaging your home or property. Before harsh winter weather makes its appearance, take time to look around your home for any low hanging branches.  You’ll want to go ahead and prune any tree branches that are dead or low hanging, especially if they hang over your home or your cars. 

Stock up on Essentials

It is best to have the essentials stocked up prior to a winter storm showing up on the forecast. Take the time to slowly build up your stock on essentials such as… 

Prepare Your Faucets and Plumbing

Another simple way to keep your plumbing from freezing is to use covers over your outdoor spigot. Faucet covers are insulated and work by trapping heat around the spigot to prevent water within the spigot from freezing. These can be incredibly beneficial in protecting your pipes when the temperatures drop below freezing. 

Snow Removal Necessities

Purchasing snow removal tools now is a great way to ensure you are prepared when harsh winter weather arrives. One of the first things to do is to pick up a snow shovel. A snow shovel will help you remove any packed snow around your driveway, sidewalks, and yard. 

We also recommend stocking up on ice melt, and have it ready for walkways and steps. If you own a business property or have a lot of sidewalk space to salt, you should consider adding a hand spreader to your shopping list. A spreader will speed up your salting process significantly, which will allow you to salt more areas faster. 

At Pleasants Hardware, we love to help our neighbors with all of their winter weather necessities. Visit us in-store today to get started on your cold weather preparations.