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Benjamin Moore Paint

Make your home look brand new with Benjamin Moore paint!

Known for their wide variety of color palettes and long lasting formula, Benjamin Moore offers high quality paint in a variety of price ranges for any DIY job. From bathrooms, to kitchens, to exterior needs - Benjamin Moore has a color and paint option for you.

Aura’s Color Lock® Technology

Top of the line for Benjamin Moore, Aura brings color locking technology that helps your color remain durable and bright through cleaning and every day wear. Easy to apply, this paint brings high quality workmanship to any home. 

One coat of Aura’s formula gives you paint and primer, saving you time and product. Available in a variety of sheens, including eggshell, satin, matte, and semi-gloss, Aura is one of our favorite lines to recommend for paint jobs. There are even bathroom and exterior safe options where moisture and humidity are a concern. 

Benjamin Moore’s Oldest Line: Regal

A staple in household paint for over 50 years, Regal is another one-coat paint and primer option for home improvers. This line is also formulated for easy cleaning and durability, allowing your paint job to last longer while looking freshly painted. 

Regal’s line of paint offers two additional sheens to Aura’s line, including pearl and flat. Choosing the right finish can make all the different when selecting a paint, so Regal is another we love to recommend to our customers. 

Budget Friendly and High Quality

A third line of Benjamin Moore that we highly recommend for those who may be on a budget is Ben. This line gives home improvers Benjamin Moore color options but at a lower cost. Without having to sacrifice quality of color, your home improvement project will reach its full potential. 

Ben is available in flat, eggshell, or semi-gloss sheens and still offers a combo formula for paint and primer. 

Benjamin Moore for Cabinets

The ADVANCE interior paint line is our favorite paint to recommend for those looking to paint kitchen cabinets, doors, or trim. The waterborne alkyd formula provides protection against moisture and other kitchen-prone wearing while still giving customers access to Benjamin Moore’s color palettes. 

Unlike the other three lines, the ADVANCE line does require a primer before applying the paint. Matte, satin, high gloss, and semi-gloss are the available sheens for the ADVANCE line. 


No matter what your next paint job requires, be sure to visit your local Pleasants Hardware for a wide variety of Benjamin Moore products. Our paint experts would be happy to recommend a line that’s right for your project! We love helping Richmond home improvers finish their projects strong.