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About Us

Ron's Lumber and Home Center Store Front

Helping Our Neighbors Build Their Dreams Since 1991

Ron's Lumber & Home Center as we know it today was not even a dream when Ronny and Brenda Blake moved from Arkansas to Howe, OK in 1991. In fact, according to President Ronny Blake the whole thing was "an accident".

He had heard that the Army Ammunition Depot in McAlester, OK had a public auction where they would sell used lumber. With little money in his pockets, this was a reasonable way he could continue constructing portable buildings like he had done in Arkansas. In the evening Ronny, Brenda and both of their sons would clean various businesses around the area. Then, in the wee hours of the morning he and Brenda, with only a light strung up in a tree, would pull nails and staples out of the used lumber. That lumber was then used for the portable buildings. In January of 1992, Ronny built the structure that now houses the convenience store. The lumber was from an old chicken house that he had torn down. The purpose of this small structure was to have a place to work on the portable buildings. He kept a small inventory of lumber and people started coming in and asking if they could buy it. Ronny agreed. Word spread that Ronny would sell lumber, then he was asked if he'd sell nails and screws. Once again Ronny went along with the demands of the customers. In January of 1994, Ron's Discount Lumber opened its doors with regularly published hours.

On September 6, 2011 Ron's Discount Lumber moved into its new home, a 50,000 square building that houses a wide variety items. While we still carry the nails and screws customers asked for back in 1992, we also have everything you would need for any home remodeling or do-it-yourself projects. We are more than just a typical hardware store. Beginning with the first customer requesting lumber, nails and screws Ron's has grown into a complete hardware and home center business. Still run as a family owned business, our philosophy of stocking and adhering to our customer's requirements exist today and always will.