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History of Town

History of Town - 1928


Founded in 1928 by Robert Lee  Woodard, who was also the mayor of the town at the time, Black Mountain Hardware was originally located in a building on Sutton Avenue. Mr. Woodard then moved to another Sutton Avenue location, before finally  moving the business to its current 103 W State Street home. J.P. Ashley and Leroy Mashburn were also associated with the business with Mr. Woodard.

History of Town - 1950s


History of Town-In the 1950s, the business was sold to Ted and Ruth Holman.

In the 1950s, the business was sold to Ted and Ruth Holman.


Lawrence and Ruth Brandon purchased the business in the early 1960’s. The Brandons, in turn, sold the business to Bob and Connie McMeans, who renamed the business “Town Hardware” and eventually expanded into the former 5-and-10 store at 105 W. State Street.


Barry and Susan Robinson bought the store in 1991, with the stipulation from Mr. McMeans that they not change the creaky floor and the selection of hard-to-find items! The Robinsons, upon the closing of Black Mountain Drugs, expanded into the 101 W State Street address in 1999.

2013 - Present

In 2013, the Robinsons decided to retire and sold the business to Peter and Beth Ballhaussen, who have continued to honor the long tradition of service and product selection at the store. They say, “We quickly learned that this store is ‘owned’ by the community and that we, just as the previous owners, are simply caretakers of  the business. Town Hardware has become something far bigger and more important than the physical store. It is part of the ‘fabric’ of this town and we are honored to be a small part of its history.”

Our hardware store has been a fixture in Black Mountain since the late 1920s. While other businesses have come and gone, Town Hardware has endured and is now an iconic symbol of the town and an integral and vital part of the community. The store has always been locally owned and operated.