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About Us

Zettler Hardware did not come to be thought of as the best Powell, Pickerington, and Columbus hardware store overnight. Certainly, it helped that we are affiliated with the second-largest hardware vendor in the United States. That brought a good deal of people inside our store to find out what we are all about. But having them back time and time again – with the chance of attracting more customers like you? That took a while and, beyond a doubt, a whole lot of love!

Zettler Hardware is a family business rooted in tradition. A staple in the Columbus community since 1886, we focus on providing the latest advancements in hardware and home improvements with old-fashioned personalized service.
The first Zettler Hardware store opened up in 1886. We are proud to be family owned and operated for generations. Currently, John Zettler and his son, Michael Zettler, operate the five locations on Kenny Road, Innis Road, Harrisburg Pike, Powell and our newest location in Pickerington.

About us - Zettler Hardware

Mike Zettler- Owner of 3 Zettler Hardware Location

Our Zettler Hardware Powell location, is a 20,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility with many green initiatives to support and sustain the environment both today and well into the future. Elements such as a white roof and high-tech magnifying-type glass tubes reflect the sun and save energy throughout the store. Automatic eyes brighten and dim the lights depending on the amount of sunlight the store is receiving. In the new garden center, a cistern system captures rainwater and waters the plants, while a partially retractable roof uses natural sunlight to nourish them.

Hey, we aren’t too proud to admit it: We love working with hardware! We love our this neighborhood. And we love doing all that we can to help Powell, Pickerington, and Columbus residents, whether they’re novice DIYers or skillful contractor professionals, accomplish their home improvement, construction, or other indoor or outdoor projects.

One of the more crucial types of assistance we give is our enormous inventory of all things hardware related – and more. As a matter of fact not only are we a hardware store, but we’re also a hand tool and power tool retailer, a home decor store, a lawn-and-garden center, a lumberyard, and a building supply retailer - just to name a few. If we have not got what you are seeking on hand – though not likely! – don’t worry, we can mail it for you from our warehouse to our location in no time at all and at no extra charge.

The stock we offer are those most selected by consumers, as well – top brand-name merchandise of the highest quality no matter the price tag. And our costs are amid the most competitive and economical in the enterprise.

Awesome products are nothing without awesome people, our team members are what set us higher than the crowd. Every single one of us is a fully trained, experienced, and knowledgeable Zettler Hardware representative: a pro in every respect! However, that wouldn’t mean as much to our patrons if we neglected to present the friendliest, most considerate, and most personalized customer service ever. We delight in helping customers select the right product for their needs and budget … in describing how this or that product is correctly used … and in providing whatever additional consultation is wanted. When you talk with us, you have our full attention.

So … what are you waiting for? If you have not tried yet, visit Zettler Hardware soon, and take a look for yourself the reason why many of your neighbors have named us their go-to Powell, Pickerington, and Columbus hardware store. We trust you will do the same!