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Handyman Services

Zettler Handyman Services, LLC is a natural extension of Zettler Hardware. Locally owned and managed, we provide quality work at a reasonable cost. Our mission is to serve the community in which we live and operate by offering common services, as well as helping out with projects that may fall outside the bounds of what other handyman services provide.

Here are some examples of services we have provided our clients:

  • Install extra grounded outlets to a basement
  • Install Fluorescent lighting banks to laundry/workbench
  • Add crown molding to a room
  • Add an outdoor hose faucet to a home
  • Change outlets to GFI outlets (kitchen and bath)
  • Add wainscoting or beadboard to a kitchen or bath
  • Foam gaps around access points in the foundation
  • Caulk and re-glaze windows

Now offering residential energy assessments!
Our energy advisors will discuss concerns and goals to improve your home’s utility usage. A balanced approach of interview, utility bill assessment and visual/sensor inspection throughout your home are combined into a unique report that delivers cost-effective and practical energy usage solutions.

Other popular services we provide:

  • Power washing
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Weatherization
  • Bathroom rehab

For smaller jobs or projects where materials can’t always be determined up front:

  • $70 per hour (first-time customers have a one-hour minimum)
  • Materials are billed separately and at cost from different sources
  • Drive time to and from the hardware store is always off the clock

For smaller jobs or projects where materials can’t always be determined up front:

  • Estimates are written out to explain what work will be done (both labor and materials)
  • An estimate may or may not include material costs, so check your estimate and ask questions
  • Our estimate total can’t be exceeded by more than 10% without your written consent

Call us today at 614-940-7178 or email!