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Rental Center

Rental services in the Columbus, Powell, and Pickerington Ohio area don’t get any easier – or reasonably priced – than those we offer at Zettler Hardware. First things first, we stock a large inventory of tools and equipment for hourly, daily, sometimes weekly, and even monthly rental periods. 

Need an extended rental agreement? Don’t be afraid to ask and, unless there are circumstances beyond our control, we will happily oblige you.

Download Our Rental Brochure

Please note that our rental inventory will change from time to time – usually as the seasons change – in order to meet the needs of our professional and DIY customer base. Make sure you stop by the store or call us to check on equipment availability. Sometimes, for a small fee, we may even be able to deliver a rental item to you when you need it. Ask our rental department about delivery options. Please remember that Zettler Hardware staff are always here to answer whatever questions you may ask – about rental equipment or something else.

Perhaps you haven’t ever contemplated renting equipment like ours before. There are many great reasons to do so:

  • Renting equipment is clearly more cost-effective than buying outright.
  • Renting equipment when you need it gives you access to up-to-date technology, but, should you purchase it, you’d likely own it well past its prime.
  • Renting equipment usually requires quite a bit less legwork, homework, and mental work than researching and buying equipment even if it’s on sale for long-term use.
  • Renting equipment may help you out tax-wise. After all, some rental expenses, especially the ones that are business-related, are tax-deductible.

Zettler Hardware makes the rental process painless. Some items that you reserve in advance may require a security deposit with us. How much will vary depending on the value of the equipment and whether or not rental insurance against damage, theft, and other liabilities is needed. Please speak to our rental staff for more details.

Hey … there’s one additional benefit to making Zettler Hardware rental resource: if you’ve never used a particular piece of equipment, our rental department employees will show you precisely how to use what you’ve rented – simply, privately, and at no extra charge. Stop in and see us, and learn how simple and wallet-friendly rental can be!