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Bloem Ocean Series: For the Green Thumbs That Love a Blue Planet

Did you know that you can enhance your green spaces while also beautifying our blue waters? Bloem's Ocean Series planters are 100% made from recycled plastic sourced from the ocean! Available in a variety of colors, these made-in-the-USA planters will make you feel good every time you see them!

Turn the tide

Every year, eight million tons of plastic waste are deposited into our oceans. The innovative folks at Bloem wanted to make a difference in our world and figured out a way to create beautiful products that take plastic out of our waters. Their Ocean Series turns ocean plastics and post-consumer recycled goods into vibrant, durable flowerpots!

Out of the ocean and into your home

Here's how plastic ocean pollutants become planters:

Step one: ocean cleanup

Marine plastic is collected from coastal areas

Step two: collect & sort

The plastic is sorted and used to create resin

Step three: regrind

It is then ground down, which prepares it for processing

Step four: pellitize

Then, it's blended with post-consumer recyclables to create a stable resin

Step five: make planters

The ocean plastic resin is shipped to Bloem and manufactured to create quality planters!

Sea the difference

Bloem designs accessories that inspire creativity and help you grow great container gardens. All of their products are created with function, form, and sustainability in mind. They also manufacture everything in the USA, so you and your plants can feel good about how you grow.