Flex Seal: Instantly Stop Leaks and Seal Cracks

If you've ever had a leaky pipe, you know the feeling of desperation that comes with it. You're scrambling to find something to patch it up with, and time is of the essence. That's where Flex Seal comes in. Flex Seal is a line of products that can quickly and easily fix leaks. Flex Tape is perfect for emergency repairs, as it can be applied quickly and forms an airtight seal. Flex Paste is ideal for leaks that are slightly larger or more difficult to access. And Flex Shot can be used to seal just about anything, from small cracks to large holes.

Plus, all of the Flex Seal products are easy to use and work on a variety of surfaces. So whether you're dealing with a plumbing issue or need to make a quick repair, Flex Seal has you covered. And best of all, the results are often miracles! Just take a look at the Flex Seal TV commercials, and you'll see what we mean. If you're looking for an easy and effective way to fix leaks, then Flex Seal is the obvious choice.

What is Flex Seal made of? 

Flex Seal is a thick and durable rubberized coating specially formulated to start as a liquid, seeping into cracks and holes, and dry as a flexible rubber that's watertight! 

How long does it take Flex Seal to dry? 

Flex Seal dry time will vary depending on the temperature, humidity, and thickness of the coating. Generally, Flex Seal will dry to the touch in two hours and be fully cured within 24 hours. 

Can Flex Seal be painted over?

Once fully cured, Flex Seal products can be painted to match any existing color. Flex Seal even has a variety of its own color options with Flex Seal Sprays!

Flex Seal Spray

 Here are a couple of safety tips to know before using Flex Seal Spray:

  • Make sure the workspace is well-ventilated
  • Don’t smoke around Flex Seal
  • Don’t use around heat, sparks, or open flames 

To start your Flex Seal Spray repair, shake the can vigorously for about a minute. The can has a variable pressure nozzle, which means you can put on a light coat or a thicker coat depending on the job at hand. For the biggest leaks or cracks, you may even need multiple coats. Always make sure to let each coat dry completely before adding a new coat of Flex Seal Spray.

Once you've sprayed your problem area, simply wait for the solution to dry. If it's tacky or soft, Flex Seal Spray isn’t dry. Waiting until it is completely dry ensures the best adhesion possible. Another way to check is to hold it up to a light. If light passes through, then your project isn’t sealed. You’ll need to add another coat.

Once done, clear the Flex Seal Spray nozzle by turning it upside down over a trash can. Give a few quick sprays. The next time you go to use Flex Seal Spray, it won’t be clogged!

Flex Seal Spray comes in a variety of colors including

  • White
  • Black
  • Clear
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Almond
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Silver
  • Terra Cotta
  • Brite White

Flex Tape

Flex Tape is strong enough to pick up a 45-pound weight! It even bonds instantly, for a strong hold every single time you use it. That isn't even the best part! Flex Tape is completely waterproof! It can cover gushing water from a hole in a bucket, and it can even be used underwater to seal a leaking pool. How can this be? Well, Flex Tape is made of a triple-thick adhesive that virtually welds itself to any surface. It's so strong that it can even be used for emergency auto repairs. If your car bumper is broken, try Flex Tape and be on your way! It is also great for repairs on boats, campers, and RVs. It easily patches large holes in a roof too.

How to Use Flex Tape:

Flex Tape is so easy to use. All you have to do is use sharp scissors to cut the desired size you'll need.  Then, peel the backing off and stick it to your problem area. It will instantly seal. Imagine everything you can do with the power of Flex Tape.

  • Cut the desired size
  • Peel off backing
  • Stick to the problem area
  • Seals on contact

Flex Seal Liquid

Flex Seal Liquid works great for:

  • PVC pipes
  • Downspouts
  • Foundation cracks
  • Basement leaks
  • Showers & baths
  • Pipes and gutters
  • Cars & trucks
  • Campers & RV’s
  • Hobbies & projects

Flex Seal Liquid is a super thick rubber that you can pour right into cracks creating a waterproof barrier. It starts as a liquid and dries as a super strong, super flexible rubber. Flex Seal even prevents rust or corrosion and can withstand extreme heat or cold, making it great for outdoor projects. Flex seal is safe around plants and animals too! You can even dip all of your tools for a tough, no-slip grip.