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Linzer Foam Paint Brushes and Accessories

For over 125 years, Linzer Products Corporation has been building a reputation as the leader in quality paint applicators. Our goal is to offer an exceptional range of top-quality products at the best possible price. Linzer Products can be found in reputable paint and hardware retailers worldwide.

Linzer and Do it Best

Do it Best is proud to use Linzer as a supplier for their Best Look® line of paint application accessories. Linzer adds a large breadth of products to the Best Look line, including a wide variety of rollers, brushes, and trays in different materials and sizes. Given their track record for dependability and quality, Linzer is the perfect partner to supply the Best Look line.

Linzer Family 

The Linzer family has grown tremendously and now includes brands like Applicator & More, ArroWorthy, American Brush, ByP, Derma Paint Rollers, Hansteck Lambskin Products, JR Edwards, Le Jour, Pintar, and Royal Paint Rollers.


  • Cutting-edge brush filament and roller cover fabric technologies as well as manufacturing techniques.
  • Unique blends and variations of filaments and roller fabrics 
    • Nylyn™ filament 
    • “Weave” technology, shedless knits 
  • Microfiber fabric with proprietary manufacturing techniques 
  • Roller core technologies Extension Pole / Frame Connector system Paint Pad program