Tomcat Rodent Control

Tomcat's selection of rodent control products has everything you need to get rid of mice and rats in your home. Find out which product works best for you.

What’s the best rodent control?

There are many options when it comes to rodent control, so how do you know which one to choose? Do you have kids or pets? Are the mice or rats inside or outside your home? Do you know if you have mice or rats? Choosing the right pest control for your home can be daunting; make the right choice with Tomcat!

Glue Traps

Tomcat® Super Hold Mouse Size Glue Traps are a convenient, easy-to-use, pesticide-free, non-toxic way to control mice effectively. The super-hold formula provides superior gripping power, so mice are stuck as soon as they step onto the trap. Glue traps provide a way to uncover and track rodent activity. They come ready to use. Open the package, separate the traps, and place them in areas where you think mice have traveled. Mice and rats are creatures of habit and will travel along the same path to their nests.

Spin Traps

No-touch, disposable spin trap. Features a fully enclosed capture area to keep rodents hidden inside. These traps have a 2-way entry system so that mice can enter from either side. Innovative design allows for optional corner placement. Remove the bait cup, fill it with either peanut butter or Tomcat Attractant Gel, replace the cup, pull out the entryway, and place it where mice travel. Spin traps are easy to dispose of and make baiting easy.

Kill and Contain Mouse Traps

If you are squeamish about seeing dead mice, or you don’t want your kids to see a dead mouse in a trap, Tomcat offers Kill & Contain Mouse Traps, which is a no-see, no-touch way to trap and kill mice. These traps are fully contained, so kids and animals won’t snap their fingers or paws in them. To use these traps, open the bait door, load the bait, close the bait door, and set the trap. For bait, you can use Tomcat’s formulated Attractant Gel or peanut butter from your pantry. Check the trap regularly. When the indicator points to “Mouse Caught,” dispose of the entire trap. No fuss and no mess!

Press 'N Set Mouse Traps

These traps are designed for those with strong stomachs and who like to see the evidence. These traps are spring-loaded and are easy to set, reducing the risk of pinched fingers. To set the Press ‘N Set Mouse Traps, load in the bait and pull the set bar back until you hear a click. Once it clicks in, it’s ready to be set. Place the trap perpendicular to walls or other objects. Make sure the teeth are facing the wall. Once you’ve caught the midnight munching culprit, you can either throw the whole trap away or pinch it open to drop the dead rodent in the trash and reuse the trap.

Bait Stations

The difference between a trap and a bait station is that a bait station lures a mouse or rat into eating the bait and taking it back to its nest. A single ounce of Tomcat Mouse Killer bait can kill up to 12 mice. Using a bait station can quickly control a rodent infestation. Tomcat bait stations have a see-through top to monitor bait usage. Stations are either reusable or disposable and are child and dog resistant. Place bait between their nest and food source along the wall. If you notice after a couple of days the bait has been untouched, move the station to a new location. Always wear gloves when handling bait blocks.