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Protecting Your Home with Insulation and House Wrap

Many homeowners know the benefits of fiberglass batting or stone wool insulation for energy efficiency and temperature control. House wrap insulation is equally important when it comes to protecting your home.Insulated house wrap is installed behind siding and over sheathing for weather resistance, temperature control, and noise regulation. It controls moisture in the walls to prevent mold from forming. This type of wrapped insulation is used in addition to traditional insulation to increase the overall R-value.

Do it Best has a wide range of insulation batting, including our popular Rockwool Comfortbatt. Combined with a product like Dupont Tyvek insulated house wrap and a foam sill sealer, the result is a highly efficient and weather-resistant barrier. Stop by Do it Best to find supplies like sheathing tape, window and door flashing tape, and everything else you need to get started!