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Landscape Products for Any Yard

Maintaining your home’s landscape is just as important as upkeep on the house itself. A beautiful yard provides curb appeal and also an enjoyable place to relax. Do it Best offers a wide range of landscaping supplies to improve the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space. 


Rock can be used in landscaping to provide drainage, fill in gaps, create a base for other materials, or simply for decorative purposes. Do it Best carries pea gravel, volcanic rock, river rock, and large decorative stones for any project. 


Mulch is a simple and cost-effective way to add polish to your landscape. There are many types of mulch with each providing a slightly different look. Choose from cypress, pine, hardwood, or rubber.

Landscape Fabric

Landscape fabric is used for weed control in gardens and flower beds. It is offered in many sizes. Landscape fabric staples or pins are used to secure the fabric in place. 


Burlap can be used for plant protection, soil erosion, windscreen, and tree wraps.

Straw and Moss

Straw is an effective ground cover for newly planted grass seed. Spanish moss can also provide a protective covering with a slightly more finished look.