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DeWalt FLEXVOLT: Revolutionizing Cordless Power Tools


FLEXVOLT is the latest innovation from DEWALT, and it's completely changing the cordless power tools world. Pros and homeowners alike demand the most power, most runtime, and most flexibility out of their equipment on their jobsites. DEWALT is committed to meeting that demand through the FLEXVOLT line of batteries and tools. With the power of corded and the freedom of cordless, the FLEXVOLT revolution is here.



FLEXVOLT is the world's most advanced battery pack, and the first battery ever that automatically senses and changes voltages when you change tools. The FLEXVOLT line includes revolutionary batteries and groundbreaking tools. You’ll find FLEXVOLT batteries, adapters, and portable power sources. When it comes to tools, the most powerful cordless tools in the DEWALT lineup are FLEXVOLT-powered: table saws, circular saws, miter saws, and much more. DEWALT's largest cordless tool lineup, the 20V MAX collection, can all be powered by FLEXVOLT as well.

How does FLEXVOLT work?

It all starts with the battery. FLEXVOLT batteries are 60V batteries with dual voltage capabilities. Slide the battery onto an existing 20V MAX tool, and you get up to four times the runtime. The batteries automatically switch currents depending on the tool they're used in.

FLEXVOLT batteries give you the most flexibility on the cordless power tool market. With the ability to power 60V MAX tools and quadruple the run time of existing 20V MAX tools, you don’t need to invest in a new system of cordless power tools; you simply need a FLEXVOLT battery. Using two 60V FLEXVOLT batteries together allows you to power the biggest, toughest tools you have and makes a truly cordless jobsite a reality.

Why is FLEXVOLT the best cordless power tool product on the market?

DeWalt table saw
  • Efficiency - FLEXVOLT batteries are long-lasting, and come in 6.0 Ah and 9.0 Ah sizes. Run your 20V MAX tools up to four times longer vs. a traditional battery as the FLEXVOLT batteries automatically change between 60V and 20V voltages to help you work longer, with less interruptions.
  • Flexibility - Is your jobsite loaded with DEWALT tools? FLEXVOLT batteries can power hundreds of tools, including everything in the 20V MAX (DEWALT's largest) line, 60V, and 120V tools. FLEXVOLT batteries let you power just about everything.
  • Power - Get the power of corded tools in a portable, convenient, cordless package. DEWALT’s new line of 60V and 120V tools rival any corded tool on the market.

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