SureCan - The World's Best Gas Can

Man using a SureCan to fill his leaf blower with fuel

There's a lot to dislike about standard gas cans. When used, they tend to drip their smelly contents all over our beloved gas-powered machines. They can also be dangerous because of leaked fuel and explosive gas vapors.

Fortunately, someone came up with a better idea! The SureCan was introduced in 2014, and immediately started winning awards for its creative innovation. One need only look at it to see how much different the SureCan is from its messy predecessors. From its smart design to its ease of use to its safety-conscious operation, the SureCan has revolutionized the portable gas container world!

The SureCan's most noticeable feature is the spout. Unlike gas cans with spouts at the top, the SureCan's is at the bottom. No need to tip the gas can over to get the gas pouring - gravity takes care of that for you! The spout also rotates and is flexible, allowing you to keep the SureCan upright while directing the stream into even the most difficult fueling locations.

Another notable difference is the lack of a venting cap. Traditional gas cans require this little tab to be opened to prevent gas from coming out in a choppy, sloshing mess. Newer models tried to put the vent in through the outflowing stream, but that just made the outflow really slow. With the SureCan, the vent is automatically opened when the thumb trigger is pressed, and closed when it's released. The trigger lock ensures that there's no way to forget to close the vent - a frequent source of evaporation and dangerous fumes.

Showing a man using a SureCan to fill his lawn mower with fuel


  • Spout at the bottom
  • Self-venting system
  • Easy, one-handed use
  • Flexible spout
  • Spill-free operation
  • Childproof spout cap
  • Thumb trigger w/ lock
  • 100% built in the USA

How does the SureCan work?

Removing the spout cap

Step 1

To remove spout cap, simply press down and twist.

Filling gas tank with fuel

Step 2

Rotate spout into the fuel tank you are filling.

Showing how to pull back the thumb safety on the SureCan

Step 3

To dispense, pull back thumb safety trigger and depress.

Showing how to release the thumb safety trigger

Step 4

To stop dispensing fuel, release thumb trigger.

Showing how to fully drain the SureCan spout

Step 5

To fully drain, rotate spout downwards and tilt can to spout side.

Replacing the spout in an upright position with its cap on

Step 6

Rotate spout to the upright position and replace spout cap.

Where to buy SureCan gas cans

A person fueling their snowmobile with a SureCan gas can

With its innovative design, rugged build, and intelligently designed safety features, we can't recommend the SureCan highly enough. Order yours online, or pick one up at your local Do it Best store!