zero-G Hoses Buying Guide

zero-G garden hose - take the work out of yard work

Think of all the things you hate about traditional garden hoses: they’re typically heavy, take up space in your garage or on your hose reel, they kink easily, and many of them simply aren’t durable enough.

zero-G garden hoses have solved every problem you have with traditional garden hoses through a lightweight, easy to handle, kink-resistant, advanced hose design and are setting a new standard in garden hoses.

Why is a zero-G hose better than a traditional garden hose?

What makes zero-G hoses so great?

in infographic of how a zero-g hose is made

G-Force High Density Jacket

  • Woven fiber jacket is resistant to leaks, punctures, and abrasions
  • Durability on par with commercial grade hoses
  • Jacket glides smoothly across all surfaces without snagging

Tru-Flex Inner Core

  • Core is flexible and pliable, preventing kinking
  • Makes the hose easy to maneuver
  • Allows hose to coil easily for storage

New Coupling Design

  • Aluminum, commercial-grade construction
  • Lead-free for safe drinking water
  • Knurled Male/Female for easy grip

Compare zero-G to the competition

An instance of breaking or splitting as a result of excessive internal pressure
puncture resistance is a measure of the maximum force or energy required to penetrate a material
tensile strength is a measurement of the force required to pull somthing such as a rope or wire to the point where it breaks
Quantity of liquid moving through a pipe or channel within a given or standard period (usually a minute or an hour).

As you can see, zero-G hoses are superior to traditional garden hoses by every conceivable measure. zero-G hoses are more durable, lighter, kink-resistant, and lead-free; traditional hoses simply can't measure up. Find zero-G at or your local, independently owned Do it Best store today!

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