4 Ways to Keep Costs Down During a Move

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4 Cross-country Move Hacks

Moving cross-country is a huge step. And it's one that can cost a pretty penny if not managed correctly. Taking your time to choose the best moving services will significantly help your budget. But, there are other things you can do to help minimize moving costs before and during the big plunge, according to a Dallas moving company.

1. Clean the House Out

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One of the easiest ways to see your moving bill go sky high is by choosing to move every last thing in your home. Chances are, if you really look around, many things in your home are items that you no longer need.

Take the time to clean out your home, sell items you can make a small profit from, and donate all those perfectly good clothes and home goods you don’t need anymore. Since much of your moving costs are based on the total weight of all your goods being moved, the less you have the less it will cost.

2. Pack Your On-the-road Food

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If you're traveling for more than a day or two, your dining costs will add up quickly. Help keep the bill low by packing a cooler full of food. You can always hit a grocery store or two to restock along the way. This option is much cheaper than eating out.

You don't have to eat in the car either! If part of the reason you stop is for a mental break or even an exercise break, grab a snack while you unwind. There are plenty of nice rest stops along most major routes across the country that have places to stretch, relax, and enjoy some food.

3. DIY Moving

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Of course, the cheapest way to move is to do it yourself. If you have plenty of time and patience, this may be a good choice for you. You can also save money by packing all of your goods using materials you already have in your home.

Consider packing all of your fragile items in clothing and towels. Bind books together so you can move a stack at a time without the need to put them in a box. Use storage totes, space-saving bags, and even laundry baskets to hold items. Ask friends and neighbors for any boxes or bins they no longer need.

Take the time to find the best DIY moving company that has the highest reputation and best consumer reviews. Once you have selected a company, make sure you choose a truck that can tow a vehicle so that you can trail your vehicle behind the truck.

4. Choosing a Company

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If you’re having a company do the moving for you, take the time to do the proper amount of homework so you can have peace of mind knowing you've chosen a reputable moving company. The one you want might not be the absolute cheapest, but having a good reputation for quality work is a must when moving all of your belongings and valuables!

Moving cross-country is a big deal, but with some planning you’ll easily be able to get the job done and still enjoy your new adventure. To stay on budget for your move, don’t forget to use items you already have, get rid of things you no longer need or can easily replace once you move, and research your moving company before signing on the dotted line. If you find you still need a few items to make the move easier, we’ve compiled a few must-haves below to make the job even easier. Good luck!

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