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6 Easy Steps to Spring-clean Your Entire House over the Weekend

Woman standing in the middle of a messy bedroom with a bucket of cleaning supplies by her feet

Is it possible to spring-clean your entire house over the weekend? It sure is, as long as you have a good plan and follow our six-step guide. Spring is the perfect time for a deep cleaning session because it’s very likely that winter left your home quite messy.

To bring back the rooms’ joy and beauty, you need to target all the essential spots, including carpets, doors, windows, walls, cabinets, and more. With the short guide below, you’ll be able to stick to a schedule and finish the job in two days.

1. Start by Cleaning All the Carpets

Woman vacuuming rug, close-up

After a long and exhausting winter, it’s time for your carpets to see the light of day. The chances are you didn’t wash your rugs and carpets while it was cold, so spring is the perfect time to do it.

The first step of carpet cleaning is to beat them and get rid of dirt and dust. Grab your vacuum and quickly go over the carpets. Next, target the stains that your delicious red wine caused while you were hibernating this winter. You can use the Motsenbocker's Lift Food, Drink & Pet Stain Remover. Finally, you can take out your favorite carpet cleaner, such as the Bissell Advanced Formula Carpet Cleaner, and follow the instructions to clean the entire surface. Finish off by adding a protective layer with the Scotchgard Spray Carpet Protector.

Rugs and carpets in low-frequency rooms are easy to take care of at home, but the ones in the hallways and entryways can be a hassle. Did you know that professionals recommend you to bring high-traffic area carpets to professional carpet cleaning three to four times a year?

If you want a deep carpet clean (and your carpet probably needs one), it’s best that you turn to a carpet cleaning professional. Even when you have the best possible cleaning products at home, you don’t have the machines and expertise to give a new glow to your beloved carpets. Cleaning professionals will get rid of all the stubborn stains that have been bothering you, but you didn’t manage to take off, will altogether remove dirt and bacteria, prolong the life of your carpets, remove unpleasant smells, and make them look as good as new.

2. Move on to the Windows and Doors

Woman wearing green rubber cleaning gloves on otherside of soapy window wiping it clean with a sponge

If your windows aren’t clean, your entire house appears as if it’s not clean. This might not be your favorite task, but you shouldn’t even think about spring-cleaning without tackling the windows. Grab your favorite window cleaning product, and make sure that you go over every inch. If the window screens are broken, you should either try to repair them or replace them. Once you’re done with the cleaning, take out your drapes and curtains and place them in the washer.

Your next step is to clean the doors. Grab the cloth, door cleaner, and you’re ready to go. Wipe down the doors, and pay special attention to the handles.

3. Then Tackle the Floors and Walls

Person on the ground with a rag cleaning the floor with a red bucket beside them

Did you know that you should clean the walls in your house? Grease and dirt can accumulate on the walls, so cleaning them from time to time is a great idea. Don’t forget about the floors! Since you’ve probably stripped the carpets by now, you can wipe down the floors in the entire house, then vacuum them. Use only products that are appropriate for the flooring type. You don’t want to ruin those stunning hardwood floors by using the wrong cleaner.

4. Don't Forget the Cabinets and Wardrobes

Woman putting away folded clothes in her closet

This is probably one of the most demanding tasks because it takes a lot of time and attention. Make sure to get everything out of the cabinets, clean them well, then put everything back. Don’t forget to wipe the cabinet doors and the top parts that are a real dust trap. Things will be messy in the kitchen, so you’ll very likely need a product meant for stubborn greasy stains.

When it comes to wardrobes, spring is when you need to get all the winter clothes out, place them in space-saving bags, then fold the spring clothes. Wipe down every drawer and door to ensure you have a clean wardrobe for your clothes.

5. Scrub the Bathroom from Top to Bottom

Person wearing yellow rubber cleaning gloves with a scrubber sponge in one hand while turning on bathroom sink faucet

To save time while cleaning, you can spray the bathroom tiles, tub, sink, and toilet with a cleaning product and do another task while waiting for the product to do its magic. Remember to use gloves to protect yourself.

When you get back, grab a sponge, and scrub all the surfaces very well. The bathroom should be squeaky clean when you’re done. Most people forget to take out their shower curtains and wash them in the washer. Don’t be one of those people!

6. Lastly, Check for Forgotten Areas

Person using an orange microfiber cloth to wipe down kitchen countertop

Last but not least, you have to go over your home and see if there are any forgotten areas that haven’t gotten the attention they deserve. Revisit all the rooms once again, check corners, check behind furniture, the pantry, laundry room, the ceiling, and place all the extra things that don’t have a designated spot in the house in a special basket.

Are you ready to spring-clean the entire house this weekend? If you manage to finish these six steps in two days, we have 15 more spring-cleaning tips that you can try out. There is no secret recipe that will help you clean your home unless you put the work in.

Ensure that you have a good schedule before you start, and you’ll manage to do everything in one weekend.

While do-it-yourself projects can be fun and fulfilling, there is always a potential for personal injury or property damage. We strongly suggest that any project beyond your abilities be left to licensed professionals such as electricians, plumbers, and carpenters. Any action you take upon the information on this website is strictly at your own risk, and we assume no responsibility or liability for the contents of this article.

Article Author

Tony Kantzavelos

Tony is the CEO of Love Your Rug - Canada's largest rug cleaning & restoration facility. Apart from successfully leading his team, Tony loves to share professional advice on how to give a fresh look to carpets, rugs and peoples homes. He is an industry leader and authority in area rug restoration.


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