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Kitchen Storage Tips and Tricks

Organized kitchen shelves

Do you have trouble finding the right ingredient because your pantry is overflowing with food? Are you digging through your pots and pans and failing miserably while searching for that one lid that fits? Stop wasting time and start organizing your kitchen. You’ll go from spending tons of time searching for something to make for supper to whipping up a great meal in no time with these kitchen storage hacks.

Organized kitchen counter
  1. Easily organize utensils. Use mason jars as utensil holders to keep countertops straightened up. 
  2. Hook it up. Try command hooks under the sink to house brushes, rubber gloves, and other cleaning supplies. 
  3. Use multipurpose jars. Wrangle loose cupcake liners by stacking them in a mason jar. 
  4. Hold the sauce. Sink caddies make great holders for small items in your pantry like sauce packets. 
  5. Use a magazine holder. Make a ClingWrap or aluminum foil holder by using attaching a magazine holder to the inside of cabinet doors. 
  6. Make healthy storage habits. Add clear bins to your fridge for easy-to-see storage. It’s also a great way to hold all of your healthy fruits and vegetables, so you’re more like to choose those over some not-so-healthy choices. 
  7. Create a trash bag holder. Install a paper towel holder under your kitchen sink. It’s perfect to hold trash bags for easy access! 
  8. Make a spice turntable. Avoid an avalanche of sugar and spice by using a turntable in the pantry for spices or utensils. 
  9. Use towel racks. Lids for pots and pans can get disorganized quickly in a cabinet. Attach a towel rack on the back of kitchen cabinet doors to hold lids for your pots and pans. 
  10. Try a shoe organizer. Hold items like popcorn bags, sauce packets, granola bars, or even small boxes of snack food in an over the door shoe organizer to save on space.