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Milwaukee Packout

Milwaukee PACKOUT System

The first time we saw the Milwaukee Packout system, we immediately knew it was a great idea. It's basically a rolling toolbox made from a stack of interchangeable, interlocking pieces. Those stackable parts include tool bags, totes, a bunch of different kinds of organizers... even a radio! With so many modules to choose from, you can easily make your own customized rolling job site toolbox. Then, when the job changes, it's easy to reconfigure your Packout to gear up for the next one. Plus, it's made by Milwaukee, so you know the whole thing has been designed and built with super-high standards of quality and durability.

Milwaukee Packout Tool Boxes

Milwaukee PACKOUT Tool Boxes

The Packout Rolling toolbox is perfect for anyone who travels from job site to job site. They are impact-resistant, so you don't have to worry about your tools getting damaged in transport, and the wheels are 9" all-terrain wheels, so basically they can handle harsh weather and job site conditions. The rolling toolbox is a great starting base for your wheeled workshop, but you're not going to stop at just that. You have more tools that you need to hull around, which means that you'll need another toolbox to go on top. The large toolbox can hold up to 100 pounds! That's a lot of tools. It also has reinforced corners, so if you're a crazy driver, no need to worry, Milwaukee has got you protected. Plus, they are IP65 Rated, meaning its weather-sealed and keeps your tools clean and dry! 

Milwaukee Packout Organizers

Milwaukee PACKOUT Organizer

As much as you try to keep your tools organized, small parts like screws, nuts, and bolts almost always get lost in the bottom of your tool bags, and digging around for the right nail is time-consuming. Instead of rummaging around for 5 minutes, invest in a Milwaukee organizer. These organizers can snap right on top of your rolling toolbox, or unsnap them and take it with you. The No-Travel Bin Seals keep small parts in place, so there are no surprises when you go to open up your organizer. 

Milwaukee Packout Totes

Milwaukee PACKOUT Tote

Totes are great if you don't or can't carry around bulky toolboxes. Not only does it look sharp and professional, but it also allows you to access your tools without having to open compartments, making the job go quicker. They also have a million pockets to store and organize your tools, so no more digging to the bottom of the bag for your Phillips-head screwdriver. Its durable handle and shoulder pads also make it easy and comfortable to carry from place to place.

Milwaukee Packout Tools Bags

Milwaukee PACKOUT Tools Bag

Now we know not all of you want to carry your tools around in an open tote. No need to fret Packout also offers tool bags and backpacks that zip shut with all-metal hardware! The hard bottoms of the bag are also sturdy, waterproof, and can support a lot of weight. The bags are made out of tear-resistant material that will withstand a poke from needle-nose pliers, saw blades, and job site debris.

Milwaukee Packout Extras

Milwaukee Soft-Sided Cooler

When it comes to Milwaukee's Packout line, they've thought of everything, even your lunch! The Packout cooler is another way Milwaukee is one step ahead of the competition. Their cooler is just as durable as their toolboxes, but also leak-proof, and what goes great with lunch? Some tunes! The Packout radio has 10 speakers and packs plenty of bass to keep your day bumping. Did we tell you it has a charging station for your M18 batteries? With this radio, you'll always have a charged battery on hand.

Each Milwaukee Packout item is customizable and adds more storage and use to your toolbox. So, don't settle for just any toolbox, get the Milwaukee Packout system, and start customizing it to fit your exact needs.