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How Does the Big Green Egg Work?

A man grilling burgers on a Big Green Egg

Few outdoor cooking tools generate the fervor and loyalty of the Big Green Egg. For those who don’t know, the Big Green Egg is exactly what it sounds like—a large, egg-shaped, dark green outdoor cooker.

The Big Green Egg is more versatile than a grill or a smoker. It’s what’s known as a Kamado-style ceramic grill. That means it combines the power of a grill, oven, and smoker into one charming backyard tool. No wonder it’s won over so many dedicated fans!

Big Green Egg Parts: Inside the Egg

A close up of pork being grilled on a Big Green Egg

So, what goes on inside the Egg? Does it live up to the hype? Big Green Egg users know that it's indeed an exceptional product. Let's break down the components to understand how the Big Green Egg works.

Ceramic Body

Big Green Egg

The heart of the Big Green Egg is the thick, durable, ceramic body. The green egg-shaped capsule offers excellent heat retention and distribution. The insulation ensures that temperatures remain stable for a very long time—ideal for low-and-slow smoking. At the same time, the grill gets plenty hot for a beautiful sear. 

Domed Lid

A man lifting the lid of a Big Green Egg

Fully creating the egg profile is the Big Green Egg’s dome-shaped lid. The lid, too, is made of ceramic, locking in the heat and smoke. The tight seal ensures that cooking is fast and efficient, locking in plenty of juiciness and flavor. The lid features a hinge for easy opening and closing (but don’t open it too much while cooking, tempting as it may be).

Ventilation System

The bottom stainless steel draft door of a Big Green Egg

Most grills fall short on ventilation, but not the Big Green Egg! The Egg features a top vent known as the "Daisy Wheel." This vent allows you to make adjustments to control airflow and temperature. With a simple adjustment, you can fine-tune the cooking process. At the base of the Egg is a second vent—the bottom stainless steel draft door. This special vent helps you control air intake for extra precision. 


Big Green Egg firebox

Now, we're moving to the heat and the core of the Big Green Egg. Inside the ceramic body is the firebox, where you add charcoal. The unique design of the firebox keeps the charcoal from touching the walls of the Egg, giving even better airflow and temperature management.

Fire Ring

The fire ring is a hardworking ceramic piece that sits on top of the firebox. The Ring has two critical roles: containing and reflecting heat from the charcoal or wood chips in the center of the grill and supporting the grill grate. 

Grill Grate/Cooking Grid

Big Green Egg grill grate

The grill grate is the place where all the food is cooked. It’s the cooking surface, made from stainless steel (as well as a cast-iron option). The excellent heat conductivity helps to transfer the heat from the charcoal to create a perfect searing surface for any morsel

Charcoal Grate

A lower secondary grate at the bottom of the firebox holds the charcoal while you cook. The grate allows ash to fall cleanly through for superior, consistent airflow and consistent, even charcoal burning.


Big Green Egg thermometer

Another small but fantastic feature of the Big Green Egg is the thermometer embedded in the lid. You can always know the internal temperature of your Egg—no need to open it up and dispel the heat. This is perfect for exacting chefs and delicate recipes.


The Big Green Egg features a heat-resistant gasket between the base and the dome lid. The gasket protects against the typical heat loss and smoke escape, similar to the seal around an oven door.


A Big Green Egg sitting in a nest on a deck

What's an Egg without a nest? The egg nests act as a stand, which keeps the grill at a convenient height for cooking. While the nest is optional, it's helpful for safe, secure cooking. 

Each component of the Big Green Egg is specifically designed to enhance your ability to cook food. The Egg offers precision cooking options and plenty of versatility for almost any type of cooking—grilling, roasting, smoking, and baking.

How the Big Green Egg Works

Steak being cooked in a Big Green Egg

Now that you understand what each part of the Egg does, you might wonder how these components come together for an unprecedented backyard cooking experience.

Big Green Egg grills get their name from an ancient Japanese cooking stove called a Kamado (which translates to "stove"). The traditional Kamado was a clay oven with intense heat used for cooking food and heating spaces, similar to traditional fireplaces.

The Big Green Egg is a modern Kamado-style grill. The Egg is made from high-quality ceramic with excellent insulation properties. The temperature inside is consistent and even. There are no hot spots like you find with Western-style grills. This consistency and design allow for excellent heat retention, even for baking.

The thick walls of the Big Green Egg keep temperatures consistent for a very long time—ideal for those “low and slow” cooking projects. At the same time, the Big Green Egg is versatile, with temperatures high enough to sear steaks and bake pizza. Use a variety of different grills and accessories to do even more from your ceramic grill stove. 

The grill is efficient and durable. It requires minimal charcoal to maintain a desired temperature (again, heat retention), and the high-quality materials are built to withstand outdoor weather conditions (although a cover is always recommended).

People love the Big Green Egg, and once they try it, they’re hooked on the simple, reliable way it cooks every meal perfectly. For grilling enthusiasts and outdoor hobbyists, the Big Green Egg is indispensable. Choose to shop Egg sizes and find Egg components and accessories at Do it Best.

What the Big Green Egg Does

A man putting a pizza in a Big Green Egg

While there are plenty of opportunities to get creative with the Big Green Egg, the four areas it excels at are:

  • Grilling: Use the Big Green Egg as a traditional grill to cook burgers, steaks, fish, chicken, and more. Sear at high temperatures, just like any backyard grill.

  • Smoking: You don't need a second piece of equipment to create succulent pulled pork, juicy ribs, and to-die-for brisket. The Big Green Egg is an excellent smoker beloved by barbecue enthusiasts.

  • Baking: What’s more fun than baking outdoors? You can create bread, pizzas, and even desserts, just like you would make in a wood-fired oven (but at a fraction of the cost).

  • Roasting: Whether it’s vegetables, poultry, beef, or lamb, the Big Green Egg is excellent for perfect char and delectable roasting.

One of the best features of the Big Green Egg is that it's a compact way to enjoy a whole outdoor kitchen! You don't need four different cooking devices, when you can do them all with one charming compact Egg.


Big Green Egg Accessories

A grill extender on a Big Green Egg

Want to get even more out of your Big Green Egg? There are many amazing add-on “eggcessories” that can boost the versatility of the Egg. These accessories can expand your cooking repertoire and give you lots of customization options.

Here are several of the best Big Green Egg accessories and add-ons.

  1. Conveggtor: This is a ceramic plate setter and heat deflector. Roast, bake, or smoke foods without exposing them to direct heat. 

  2. Cast Iron Cooking Grid: Boost your cooking potential with cast iron! Get great heat retention for that perfect sear. 

  3. Pizza StoneBig Green Egg pizza stones let you level up your baking with stone-fired pizza, bread, and other baked goods. Get that “brick oven” crust! Choose from full and half moon ceramic stones. 

  4. Grill Extender: Get a larger cooking surface with grill grids & specialty extenders for the Big Green Egg. The extender is especially helpful for entertaining! 

  5. Grill Cover: It goes without saying you’ll want to take good care of your favorite outdoor cooking tool. A cover protects the Big Green Egg from the elements, extending its lifespan. Covers are made from premium-quality fabric.

  6. Ash Removal Tools: Use an ash tool to remove ash from the bottom of your grill with no fuss and no muss. Proper ash removal helps improve airflow and makes cleaning a breeze.

  7. Nests and Tables: Get a stable base for your Big Green Egg and extra workspace. The nest is a compact solution, whereas the acacia hardwood tables give you a larger surface and storage.

  8. Grill Lights: Night grilling is no problem with attachable grill lights. Keep an eye on your cooking, even in low-light conditions. 

  9. V-Racks:  Cook large cuts of meat evenly. If you want beautiful, succulent, juicy meats, you need a rack to hold them up and get a perfectly uniform surface.

  10. Dutch Ovens and Roasting Pans: Do you dream of stew? Roasts? Casseroles? It’s all possible with custom Big Green Egg pans that can hold up to the heat! A cast iron Dutch oven is perfect for baking. 

In addition to add-on accessories for your Big Green Egg, you’ll find plenty of flavorings, spices, and grilling goods from the Big Green Egg. Maximize your grilling experience.


Find Big Green Eggs at Do it Best

A Big Green Egg sitting in a nest on a patio

Ready for the ultimate cooking experience? One other thing that's unique about the Big Green Egg is that you can't just find them at any "big box" retailer. Do you know where you can find them, though? At Do it Best!

We offer all the Big Green Egg accessories and products you need for an incredible outdoor cooking experience. Explore the options and join the Big Green Egg fans who see why this is, hands down, one of the best outdoor cooking tools on the market.

For all your summer cookouts and backyard entertaining, trust Do It Best to offer everything you’ll need, including all patio furniture. Celebrate the summer with grills, tools, and yard enhancements to make this your best summer yet!


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