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Tips for Baking a Pie

Woman in the kitchen putting pecans on a pie before putting it in the over to bake

Have you ever tried to bake a pie that just didn’t turn out right? Maybe the edges were burnt, the filling was too runny, or the crust wasn't as flakey and light as you were hoping. No matter what the issue was, these tips will help ensure your next baking experience is easy as pie!

How Do You Bake a Pie?

Woman with many baked goods on her kitchen countertop while she holds her smart phone in one hand and is thinking

There is certainly a lot that goes into baking the perfect pie, all of which will depend on the type of pie you’re baking. In general, each pie will start with baking a crust, then adding your delicious filling and continue baking in the oven to golden brown perfection. As you get started, here are a few things to keep in mind to help get that perfect piece every time.

Temperature: The temperature of your oven will depend on the type of pie you’re baking. Keep reading to learn more about baking temperature!

Bake your pie on a pizza stone or baking sheet: Using a preheated surface under your pie dish will help ensure the bottom of your crust is cooked evenly and won’t end up soggy.

Thicken your fillings: It’s important to thicken your fillings to prevent a soggy crust. Try tossing fruit in some cornstarch to allow for a thicker pie filling.

Protect the edges: If you notice the edge of your pie crust is getting too dark before the filling is ready, use a pie shield or tint the sides of the pie in foil to prevent further browning.

Use variety in your filling: Especially with fruit pies, you want to ensure your filling has a variety of flavors. With apple pies, try using different types of apples with different levels of tartness, sweetness, and water content. This will help ensure your pie tastes better and has a better consistency.

How to Bake the Best Pie Crust

Woman and granddaughter pinching the pie dough to the pan to shape the crust

A key part of every delicious pie is the crust. You never want to end up with a burnt or soggy crust. Use these tips to help get the perfect golden brown and flaky crust every time.

Use cold ingredients: Cold ingredients, especially butter, are key to a delicious and flakey crust. Keep your dough cold by using ice water, and don’t be afraid to pop it in the freezer a few times to keep it from getting too warm.

Don’t over-handle your dough: The more you roll and mess with your dough, the tougher it will be.

Roll your dough with parchment paper: To prevent your dough from sticking and tearing, chill it first, then roll it out between two pieces of lightly floured parchment paper.

Blind bake the crust: No, you won’t need a blindfold. Simply place your crust in a pan, line it with oven-safe parchment paper, weigh it down with pie weights, dry beans, or rice, then bake it just until it starts to brown.

Add your filling: Once the crust has been blind-baked and cooled, you can add your filling and bake as normal.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out some of our favorite pie crust recipes on Pinterest!

How Long Should You Bake a Pie?

Woman preheating the oven

Another vital step to getting the perfect pie is the time it spends in the oven. The amount of time you bake your pie depends on the temperature of your oven, and the type of pie you are baking.

Now that you know how to get the perfect pie, check out some recipes, gather your ingredients, and get started! You can find all of your bakeware essentials online at or at your local Do it Best store!