6 Tips for Decorating Small Cabins Properly

The outside of a cabin looking at the porch with two rocking chairs

Some would say the whole point of building a small cabin is to make a comfortable bolthole away from the world. There is no denying that building your own small cabin can be both a rewarding and bone-weary task. Once you've accomplished the massive achievement of laying the last shingle, the next step is to bring it to life by decorating it well. It will be your very own private piece of heaven, so it's worth doing well. Here are a few handy tips about adding décor to your small cabin to create a cozy home from home.

Get Cozy Blankets

A stack of soft, cozy blankets

A high-quality blanket or throw goes a long way towards adding a splash of color and instant coziness in a cabin. Good quality blankets can be expensive, but keep your eyes open the best deals can be found in tourist shops and gas stations. You can also check out your local Do it Best and thrift shops for a cheaper deal. Just a few dotted invitingly around the cabin interior creates a warmer, more inviting environment.

Try Camp Mugs

Two tin migs on a wooden table

A few tin mugs for big hot drinks is a great idea. They make great photo props and are easy to collect as souvenirs. Find some quirky to bespoke mugs that are high end and stylish. Find a customized outdoor design style suitable for a small cabin.

Get Some Candles

Two lit candles that look like small logs of wood

Of course, you can't create ambiance without using a few candles. You may have a choice, but if you have to rough it by oil lamp and candlelight, scented candles can help create a relaxing mood and have a calming influence. The variety of scents on the market today is simply awesome, and scented candles can subtly stylize your cabin.

Don't Forget a Wood Stove

A black wood stove located next to a set of stairs

A wood stove is a must in a cabin. There are many designs and styles that will bring a touch of elegance to your cabin, along with the convenience of ultra-modern functionality. Not only will you be warm and cozy using less wood, but you'll also have instant hot water when you want. You don't always have to shell out a lot of money because there are some great options available at reasonable prices online or at your local Do it Best.

Get Your Books

Woman sitting by wood stove reading her book with coffee in hand

Your cabin is going to feel more homely once you bring in your favorite books. A cabin out in the peace of quiet of nature with no TV or phone service is a book lovers' idea of heaven. If it's yours, you might want to look at some cabin friendly bookshelves.

Find Letter Boards

Wooden sign

While you can try many different options, letter boards are an exciting way to spread good thoughts and affirmations around your cabin. There are many kinds of retro boards that you can use to spread positive vibes around your cabin that look awesome.

Even with books, blankets, and a roaring fire, no cabin is complete without rugs. There's nothing that says quiet luxury like walking on a rich deep rug. You might need several to keep in the warmth, but first, find yourself a thick one to lie on in front of the fire. One or two floor cushions will complete the look. Go for warm colors and textures that connect your cabin to its natural environment to bring the tranquility of nature indoors. Stay safe in your wooden cabin by checking they meet fire safety standards.