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DIY Reuse Pringles Cans

Person pushing a shopping cart full of pringles

Pringles were invented and first sold in 1968 in the United States. Cleverly stacking chips in a can, rather than tossing them in a bag became the cornerstone for this snackable potato chip. The can itself is lined with aluminum foil allowing the chips inside to stay fresh longer. The chips themselves are even made differently. They're actually small pieces of potato, rice, wheat, and corn pressed together into the famous Pringles shape. However, the first launch of Pringles was not a successful one. It wasn’t until a few tweaks and new ad campaign in the ‘80s showcasing no other than a very young Brad Pitt that Pringles became a household name.

Pringles Advertising Over the Years

Pringles have introduced fans to a multitude of ways to view the curved stackable potato crisp. Advertising over the years have shown Pringles as the chip where the fun never stops, you don’t just pop ‘em, and more recently they introduced flavor stacking. Potato chips may all be similar, but Pringles rises above them all as something different. They’re the potato crisp that is packaged differently, advertised differently, and even created differently. Pringles are even different after you’re done eating them. In fact, they’re the only potato chip brand that offers DIY projects using the can you just scraped the last Pringles crumb from.

DIY Projects Using Pringles Cans

Pringles aren’t just a deliciously salty treat to enjoy, but they’re the perfect DIY project. You can turn an old can into a flower vase using just spray paint. You can even turn one into a decorative toiletry holder in the bathroom. The best might be a yard game of bowling or even a homemade drum set for the kids! “Once you pop, you can’t stop!” doesn’t just apply to eating Pringles, it’s also about the multitude of DIY projects that you’ll be creating soon.

Stone vase made out of a Pringles can

Craft holder made out of a Pringles can

Fourth of July decorations using Pringles cans