Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide text on top of a wooden background with Traeger Rub, a Flashlight, and Duke Cannon Bloody Knuckles

With Father's Day rapidly approaching, you may be wondering what exactly you're going to get your dad this year. Well, look no further! This Father's Day Gift Guide is going to help you find the perfect present for that special man in your life! Whether he loves grilling meat, fixing things, or any other stuff that dads tend to do, we probably have something for him listed down there. So take a look and pick out the perfect gift for your dad!

Bloody Knuckle Repair

A product lifestyle image of Duke Cannon Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair Balm

Duke Cannon Bloody Knuckles Balm is perfect for the man who likes to work with his hands. This hand repair balm is packed with lanolin, beeswax, and other nourishing ingredients to soothe and protect dry, chapped skin. It's also great for those rough patches on elbows and knees. Keep a tin in the workshop, glove box, or toolbox, and one at home too. Bloody Knuckles Balm makes a great gift for dad - or any man who likes to get things done.

One-handed Whiskey Barrel

A product lifestyle image of Orca Barrel Insulated Mug being held in a man's hand

Is dad a whiskey lover? Are you looking for a unique way to help him enjoy his favorite spirit? Look no further than the Orca Barrel Insulated Mug! This 12-oz printed whiskey barrel is the perfect way for him to enjoy his drink of choice - and enjoy it in style! It comes with a screw-top lid to keep drinks nice and fresh, and the stainless steel copper-clad design means that his drink will stay warm or cold - perfect for sipping on those chilly winter nights.

Batteries Done Right

A product lifestyle image of Battery Daddy Storage System

Does dad spend too much time hunting through the junk drawer for a working battery? The Battery Daddy Storage System will get him covered. This handy carrying case fits all his batteries from AAA to D, and even button cells. Plus, it has a built-in tester to tell him which ones are still good. Plus, it takes up hardly any room in a drawer. Help dad stop wasting time and get him the Battery Daddy Storage System today!

Snake-free Lighting

Bell+Howell Multi-Directional Cordless Worklight 360

If you've ever seen dad working on the car engine while fighting the snake-like tangles of a corded worklight, you already know this is the perfect gift! The Bell+Howell Multi-Directional Cordless Worklight 360 is a versatile task light that he can use virtually anywhere. It stands or hangs, and locks into position so he'll enjoy hassle-free use every time he uses its single- or dual-light operation. It's also waterproof, so you don't have to worry if he's using it to get you out of a jam on the side of the road during a rainstorm.

Chili Pepper Goodness

Traeger's Garlic & Chili Pepper Flavor Beef, Pork & Poultry Rub

Lots of dads fancy themselves as grill masters. You can give yours a push in the right direction with Traeger's Garlic & Chili Pepper Flavor Beef, Pork & Poultry Rub. It's the perfect way for him to add some extra flavor and a delicious kick, regardless of what kind of meat he's grilling, smoking, or baking. If you're thinking a single can of spice isn't enough of a gift for Father's Day, consider picking him up a selection of Traeger's delicious dry rubs!

Lemme Take a Look

Nebo Columbo Flex LED Anodized Aluminum LED Rechargeable Penlight

There's a kind of dad who's always ready to diagnose a malfunctioning vacuum cleaner or investigate the mysterious new sound coming from a household appliance. A dad like that needs a powerful and reliable penlight in his shirt pocket at all times, and the Nebo Columbo Flex LED Anodized Aluminum LED Rechargeable Penlight is the perfect choice. With its adjustable beam focus and three light modes, he'll be able to customize his experience to suit his needs. It comes with a rechargeable battery, but if he forgets to charge it, he can also run it on two AAA batteries - which he can get from the Battery Daddy you also got him!

Fire and Flavor

Weber Spirit II E-210

If you're thinking that dad deserves an extra-special gift this year, consider getting him a Weber Spirit II E-210. It's not just a great 2-burner gas grill, it's got the Spirit II's upgraded GS4 grilling system! That means it has an Infinity Ignition for guaranteed push-button lighting, stainless steel burners for even heat radiation, Flavorizer bars which catch drippings and turn them into extra smokey flavor, and a grease management system with a convenient front-facing sliding tray for easy emptying. And with the black finish, this Weber grill is going to look just great on his back patio!

One Word: Pizza

Ooni Karu

Some dads have a backyard that is virtually a second kitchen - a grill, a griddle, a smoker, a deep fryer... If yours is one of those, check to see if he has a pizza oven back there yet! The Ooni Karu is a portable outdoor oven that's fueled by wood or charcoal, so he can get that authentic wood-fired flavor. Plus, the stone baking board ensures a perfectly crisp crust every time. This stainless steel oven 12 heats up to 950°F in just 15 minutes, and it'll cook a 12" pizza in just 60 seconds!

Suck it Up

Channellock 8-gallon wet/dry vac

Most dads will tell you that it's not right for a man to NOT own a good wet/dry vac. And the stainless steel Channellock 8-gallon wet/dry vac IS a good one! It's powerful motor, ease of use, and included accessories make it perfect for him to use when cleaning up his workshop, garage, or car. A long power cord, large rear casters, and top handle all combine to make it easily movable and ready to be used and treasured by dad for many years to come.

Smoke-free Campfire

Ridge Smokeless Portable Fire Pit from Blue Sky

We love sitting around the fire with dad... at least until the smoke drives everyone indoors. The Ridge Smokeless Portable Fire Pit from Blue Sky is designed with a ring of holes that pulls in outside air and heats it, releasing it around the inside rim. That action infuses the fire with an extra boost of oxygen, causing the fire to vaporize the wood particles which would normally be released as smoke. Its the perfect dad gift, since it's made from heavy-duty steel and burns either firewood or wood pellets with incredible efficiency, resulting not only in less smoke, but also fewer embers.

Caffeine Infusion

2-in-1 Multi-Function Coffee Maker

Seems like most dads drink coffee, whether it's just straight black in a styrofoam cup or a fancy latte from a trendy café. Whatever kind of java junkie yours is, the 2-in-1 Multi-Function Coffee Maker is perfect for him! That's because it doesn't just work with coffee grounds, it ALSO takes K-cup Pods and Nespresso Capsules! He'll also be able to select his preferred brew strength and select brew sizes to fill anything from an espresso shot to a 7" tall travel mug.

Retro Pop Tech

Nostalgia Retro Series 8-Cup Hot Air Popcorn Popper

You and dad may have fond memories of movie night at home eating popcorn that was popped on the stovetop. With the Nostalgia Retro Series 8-Cup Hot Air Popcorn Popper, he can once again enjoy that fluffy goodness without all the added fat and calories that come from cooking popcorn in oil. Yes, it IS a countertop kitchen appliance, but with its simple one-switch operation, dad doesn't have to be a chef to appreciate this stylish and practical gift!