How to Make String Light Planter Stands

What's the best way to hang string lights?

String light planter stands collage

Creating an outdoor oasis with string patio lights can be tricky when you don't have trees nearby. To remedy this problem, try creating these planter string light stands. They are convenient, movable, and easy to make.

1. Mix the Concrete

A person mixing concrete in a wheel barrow

Start by setting your planter on a solid flat surface. Pour the concrete mix into the planter filling it up about halfway. This will give the flower planter enough stability not to fall over. Add water and mix thoroughly, shaking the planter to get all the air bubbles to the top.

2. Set the Posts

A post setting in a planter

Place the 4x4 in the center of the planter. Use the level to make sure the post is not leaning. Use scrap wood to hold the post in place while the concrete is setting. Add more concrete if necessary. Allow the concrete to set completely.

3. Drainage Holes

A person drilling holes in a planter with a drill

Using a drill, create drainage holes in the wood planter just above the line of concrete. These holes will allow water to drain from your plants and soil when watered.

4. Add Soil and Plants

String light planters example

Fill the planter with a layer of pea pebbles first, then top it with potting soil and flowers of your choice.

5. Add Hooks

To add the hooks that will hold your string lights, drill a pilot hole for your C-hooks at the top of your posts. Then insert the C-hooks. Do this for all your posts. Arrange your planters around the perimeter of your backyard space, then hang your string lights on the C-hooks. Use zip ties to secure the string lights to the hooks.

Alternatively, you could use plant hangers instead of hooks to add a decorative flair.

Now sit back and relax while you extend your evening into the late-night hours. You can also get creative with the colors and types of flowers or even crisscrossing the lights across your space. Find more string lighting ideas on our Pinterest page!