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Indoor and Outdoor Activities During Winter

two young kids wearing winter clothing going ice skating. There is an inflatable penguin in the background.

Playing in the snow, making snow angels, and having snow balls fights are just a few of the amazing things winter brings us, but there are some days that are just too cold to venture outdoors. Winter can bring on many days of being stuck indoors, which can cause for restless kids. Don't worry we've got you covered! Here are our top 10 indoor and outdoor activities to try this winter season.

Top 10 Indoor/Outdoor Activities to Try This Winter

1. Have an Indoor Snowball Fight

Three  crumpled up paper snow balls.

Too cold to go outside? Release some energy with an indoor snowball fight. Roll up balls of paper, socks, or fabric into snowballs. Have fun tossing them at each other while you duck for cover. Use pillows and couch cushions to create a base to hide behind.

2. Build a Cardboard House or Rocket

a little boy wearing an astronaut costume playing with a cardboard cut out rocket wearing a cardboard cutout astronaut helmet. There are drawings of a planet, stars, and sun on the wall behind him.

Grab some old cardboard from your local hardware store or purchase new cardboard. Tape one end shut to give it some reinforcement. Cut out windows, doors, and control panels. Then let your child decorate using things around the house, like recyclables, markers, string, and glitter. You can even add lights by using flashlights and string lights!

3. Create a Marble Race Track

An assortment of colored marbles on a wooden table.

Use pool noodles to race marbles as fast as you can down the stairs! Cut the noodle in half lengthwise using a serrated knife to make two racetracks, or tape them together for an even longer racetrack. Get creative! Set them side-by-side on your stairs, and let the marbles go!

4. Go on an Indoor Picnic

A lovely picnic set up, with a variety of spreads, sanwiches, fruits and vegetables.

Grab a blanket and set up a scene in the living room for an indoor picnic. Bring along stuffed animals and other guests, along with cups and plates and of course food! Have fun and enjoy the beautiful scenery. 

5. Build a Snowman

a family of four building a snowman out in a winter wonderland.

This is one of our favorite winter activities! Head outdoors and gather up snow creating one snowman or a family of snowmen. Get creative with decorating the buttons by using things found on the ground or around the house.

6. Explore the Outdoors

A couple walking out in the winter woods. They are wearing winter coats, gloves, hats and carring hiking bags.

Get decked out in winter gear and head over to your local forest or nature preserve. Explore the area, go on a nature walk, discover what the forest has to offer, and record the things you find.

7. Go Ice Skating and Sledding

Two young girls going sledding on a bright winter day. They are wearing sunglasses and going down a hill on a tandem sled.

Pack up the sleds and grab the skates for a day of family fun. Whizz around your local ice rink or head over to the park for some downhill sledding. Make sure to wear enough layers and waterproof clothing to stay warm.

8. Paint Snow with Spray Bottles

Colored paint in spray bottles. The bottles are sitting out side in a snowy yard. There are six different colors

Show off your abstract art by using spray bottles to paint the snow. Combine gel food coloring and water in spray bottles and shake up. You can also use powered tempera paint for more vibrant colors. Take the bottles outside and start spraying. Tempera paints are washable so don’t worry if you get paint on yourself or your clothes, it will wash out.

9. Paint Snow with Paintbrushes

Five different color paint mason jars with paint brushes sticking out of the containers. They are sitting out side in the snow ready to paint the snow.

Creating masterpieces in the snow is a lot of fun, and easy! You’ll just need a few items and a creative mindset to get started. Pick up some tempera paint powders (non-toxic, environment friendly), jars, paintbrushes, and some sticks and twigs to create frames around your paintings. Simply mix the tempera powders with water in the jars. You’ll want a fairly thin consistency so the paint can easily be applied to the snow. Add the brushes and you’re ready to go.

10. Build a Sugar Cube Igloo

a childs indoor craft project of an sugar cube igloo. The igloo is sitting on top of parchment paper on the kitchen counter.

Supplies you will need: sugar cubes, a piece of cardboard, white glue, white paint and paintbrush.

Cover cardboard base with white paint. Draw outline for your igloo, use a cup or plate to create the circle and add a doorway. Then take your glue and lay down a thin strip along your outline. Start laying down your sugar cubes in place. Continue this process, moving the sugar cubes inward with each rising layer. Let the layers dry before the next layer to ensure stability. Take your time creating your igloo and use household items to help prop up the walls while it’s drying. Once completed decorate the outside of your igloo with fake snow or cotton balls.

Keep kids entertained and active during the winter months with these great indoor/outdoor activities. Remember to always bundle up in the right winter gear if you plan on adventuring outdoors. And don't forget to enjoy some hot cocoa!