Latest Holiday Decorating Trends

Two wrapped Christmas gifts with bows sitting on a bed

It’s never too early to start planning for the holiday season. During this most joyful time of the year, the decorations often steal the show and inspire festive cheer. Hauling out boxes of tinsel, lights, and decor to spread around the house against a backdrop of Christmas music is one of our favorite holiday traditions. When preparing to deck the halls, you want to be sure that you’re going to end up with a decorated masterpiece that you and the family love. Pull out your old decorations and incorporate some of the latest holiday decorating trends so that you have a holiday look that dazzles.

Pantone Colors

A Christmas tree using the Pantone colors from 2020 as the color palette

The Pantone color of 2020 was Classic Blue, and this year it’s Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray. Getting inspired by Pantone colors for your Christmas decorating is a fun and trendy way to get creative. Integrate classic blues, golds and bright yellows, and neutral grays or silvers into your Christmas decor this holiday season for a super on-trend aesthetic. Explore stringing blue lights, using silver or matte gray balls, and integrating more yellow and gold stars, lights, and tinsel to create a stylish color palette.

Farmhouse Vibes

Farmhouse Christmas tree decorations with wood barn doors in the back and a burlap couch pillow

The Farmhouse trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Perhaps inspired by dreams of bucolic life in the country, we are all channeling our inner chic farmhouse owner. Farmhouse Christmas style is the perfect combination of nostalgia, rustic, and natural. Explore stringing white lights and red berries along with a decorative pile of birch logs. Or perhaps integrate cozy prints, like plaid and buffalo check, into your living room decor. Rustic details like natural woods, red berries, fresh fir, and even aged metals are all on-brand for the holiday farmhouse vibe. This trend is going stronger than ever, so enjoy this more neutral and down-to-earth style of decor.

Going Green

Woman tying a piece of green sprig to the top of a wrapped Christmas gift

Over the last few years, we’ve seen the holiday decorating trend become more about “less is more.” Rather than putting a blow-up Santa in the front yard, explore some of the more subtle yet festive trends of the season. One idea that fits the bill is to turn your Christmas green. Choose to wrap gifts with fabric, old newspapers or paper bags, or recycled paper instead of the shiny wrapping paper rolls that end up in the trash. Purchase eco-friendly items when possible. Online searches for “sustainable Christmas” have increased by over 100% over the last few years, meaning that going clean and green is one of Christmas’s hottest trends. Skip the plastic and opt for naturals like real fir and berries, natural wood decor, and recycled paper or reused decorations instead of buying more.

Natural, Rustic, and Neutral Decor

White flocked Christmas tree set up in a living room beside a fireplace and a rocking horse

You may have already gotten the hint that natural and woodsy is in. Gaudy and plasticky seems to be not as on-trend as it used to be. Neutral color palettes are all the rage, including soft grays, white and beige, and earthy tones such as fir green, berry red, and navy blue. These softer tones have recently become increasingly glamorous and chic, offering a whole new aesthetic to holiday decorating. Decorate your natural live Christmas tree with white lights, silver and gold balls, and other soft decorations that come in hues such as white, gray, beige, browns, and creams. Opt for beige, cream, or white Christmas stockings instead of brightly colored or decorated ones. Like farmhouse, rustic is a popular Christmas decor trend. Bring in natural and rustic elements, such as natural wood, fir, birch, wreaths, festive foliage, berries, and pinecones, to strike a more earthy and natural tone. To hop on this trend, avoid anything too gimmicky, plastic, busy-looking, and brightly colored. Instead, stick to something more down-to-earth, subtle, and cozy.

Gingerbread and Nutcrackers

Nutcracker ornament handing on Christmas tree

These are some of our favorite classics of holiday decor that are reminiscent of the good ole days. With the perfect color scheme of red, gold, navy blue, and earthy green, nutcrackers offer a whimsical and playful elegance to your home decor. Integrate Nutcrackers into your holiday decor by placing them along the stairs, on shelves, on your tree, or in other places around your home. Also, explore integrating nutcrackers onto ribbons, wrapping paper, napkins, and other cute places where a nutcracker could look decorative.

Another old-school classic is gingerbread. Get the whole family involved to build gingerbread houses this Christmas. It's a fun family activity, and afterward, you'll have a charming and delicious decor for your home. Also, a plate of festively decorated gingerbread cookies will look and taste delightful.


Featuring a coffee mug with coffee and other Christmas decorations in the background

Perhaps it’s because we’re missing times past, but nostalgic holiday decorating has been a strong trend now for years. Sourcing vintage and antique tree decorations, home decor, and other holiday favorites bring us back to tradition, family, and memories of joyful times and holidays shared with loved ones. Social media is filled with thousands of hashtags around vintage and nostalgic Christmas decor, meaning people are getting inspired by the classics from the past. The retro holiday seems to be all the rage, so get creative with reusing or sourcing some antique and vintage decor pieces for your holiday decorations this year.

You’ll be decking the halls for the holidays before you know it, so enjoy some of these refreshing and stylish ways to prepare your home for the holidays.

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