Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Creative gifts for the mom who...

...loves to cook but wants to use cute cookware

Hammered frying pan with asparagus in it

This elegant 5-piece cookware set from Gotham has cool touch handles for mom's safety, solid aluminum construction for even heating, and an award-winning, triple-applied nonstick coating so food easily slides off every time. It's also dishwasher safe. But its most appealing feature is its gorgeous hammered copper appearance.

...likes to snuggle

Woman in bed peacefully sleeping

For a great night's sleep, professionals recommend using the Bell+Howell Weighted Blanket. It doesn't just keep away the tossing and turning, it provides pressure from relaxing beads that is evenly distributed over your entire body. This feeling of being hugged brings a calm relaxation that every mom will appreciate.

...has a sweet tooth

Lifestyle shot of the Rose by Dash Ice Cream Maker

There are few tastes more amazing than homemade ice cream, but making it can be a chore. If mom is a fan of cute, easy-to-operate appliances, consider getting her this Personal Electric Ice Cream Maker from Rise by Dash. Its one-touch operation couldn't be easier. In addition to easy-freezy ice cream, it also makes great sorbet!

...loves a cold cocktail

 Lifestyle of Orca Chasertini insulated mugs

Sometimes, it's mom who needs a sippy cup! The Orca Chasertini insulated mug is one that she'll love - it's a great way to serve up a dry martini, a big scoop of ice cream, or a delicious shrimp cocktail. Its double-walled, vacuum-sealed design ensures superior temperature retention, so what she puts in it will stay cold (or hot).

...knows to stay hydrated

Orca's Hydra insulated water bottles

Orca's Hydra series is perfect for the mom on the go. Whether she's running to a meeting or running on the treadmill, this powder-coated bottle is specially designed to keep beverages at temperature longer. It's got a whale tail handle for easy gripping, two screwtop tops for drinking or filling, and holds the equivalent of two plastic water bottles.

...wants maximum caffeine options

Lifestyle shot of Instant Pot 2-in-1 Multi-Function Coffee Maker

If mom has more than one favorite kind of coffee, she's going to love this offering from Instant Pot! In addition to working with coffee grounds, the 2-in-1 Multi-Function Coffee Maker also takes K-cup Pods AND Nespresso Capsules! She can select her preferred brew strength and select brew sizes to fill anything from an espresso shot to a 7" tall travel mug.

...sparkles when the sun shines

Woman floating in the pool with a inflatable holographic pool float

In the world of inflatable pool floats, some stand out above the others. This big and gorgeous dual-handled Holographic Sun Chair from Pool Candy is one of those. Its sun-reflecting PVC surface beautifully sparkles with prisms of rainbows while mom soaks in the rays, stylishly sitting in comfort between dual drink holders.

...loves a bloody mary bar

Lifestyle of Traeger's bloody mary mix

Do mom's tastes tend to run towards the smokey and spicey? If so, Traeger has created what is rumored to be the best bloody mary mix ever created! Made with hints of horseradish, a kick of cayenne, and Traeger's own deliciously smokey flavor, it's truly great - not just for cocktails, but also as a meat marinade.

...wants to look cute when she gardens

Gardening gloves, hat and rain boots

When mom needs to be working in the sun, ensure that she's protected with this straw sun hat from Sloggers. It's rated UPF 50+ to give her the maximum protection. If the wind is blowing, the lanyard will hold it on her head while the ultra-comfortable inner hat band convinces her she never needs to take it off! And unlike other similar hats, it has wide brim that's the perfect balance between stiff and floppy. To complete her ensemble, throw in a pair of polka dotted rubber garden boots with super-comfy insoles and some cool cobalt blue gardening gloves!

...loves 80s retro

Cassette tape player with over the ear headphones

When was the last time mom got to hear that favorite cassette of hers? This battery-operated GPX portable radio and tape player could be just the ticket! Hearkening back to the early 80s, it comes with easy portability - and a set of earbuds. For that extra-nerdy retro look, she can also use the detachable belt clip to hang it from her hip!