Trending Bold Wallpaper

A bold, geometric, navy, and gold wallpaper

The next big thing for wallpaper trends is going bolder and bigger! Wallpaper has a bad reputation of being old-fashioned, grandma-style décor until now. Bold wallpaper designs and décor are coming back with a bang. Fun floral and tropical prints can help liven up any stale room, and with new peel and stick wallpaper, you can literally peel it off when you are looking to change up a room. No more messy hot steamers and wallpaper remover!

If you have been avoiding wallpaper because of commitment issues, don't fret! Removable wallpaper comes in many different styles that can help bring life into a space and make it your own.

Murals and Large Print Wallpaper

A bold floral wallpaper behind living room couch on an accent wall

Non-repeating patterns such as murals are making a comeback. These inspirational, storytelling wall décors communicate timeless beauty, without the high price tag of hand-painted art. They come in many different varieties, from scenic to abstract.

Wallpaper with Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterned wallpaper

Convey a contemporary art-deco meets graphic design look with geometric wall coverings. Geometric shapes can add depth and personality to any stale wall. Stick to classic colors and symmetrical prints that won't tire as trends change. Or use clever-color blocking to create a vibrant and dynamic look. Either way you choose to go, these show-stopping designs will be the perfect backdrop to any room.

LED Wallpaper

Wallpapers with LED lights and different patterns

Do you want your walls to twinkle like stars in the night? LED wallpaper is the way to go! Bring back the roaring 20s look by pairing LEDs with crystals; all you need is an outlet. These wallcoverings are streamed with low voltage lights and minimal wires that won't add bulk to your walls. Create a high-end dream home with mood-changing wallcoverings.

Textured Wallpaper

Textured teal/blue wallpaper behind a dark teal couch

Textures come in all shapes and sizes, and there is no shortage of subtle wallpaper. Real textures or faux perceived textures bring light and interaction, making muted wallcoverings lively and bright.

Floral or Botanical Wallpaper

Green botanical wallpaper behind a dining table

This classic style is making a comeback but with much more sophistication and less mothballs. Grandma style of wallpaper is getting an upgrade to bright, large-scaled florals that are perfect for any focal wall or small powder room. For plant lovers everywhere, tropical-themed wallpaper is like heaven. This calming style wallcovering is creeping into every nature lover's lives, bringing plant life into the home without all the dirt.