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Update Your Outdoor Space with Patio Accessories

How to Accessorize Your Outdoor Space

Backyard patio

If you love the outdoors, you should have a comfortable and inviting outdoor living space you can go to relax or to entertain. Whether you're dreaming of the farmhouse look, a nautical theme, or an eclectic vibe, we’ll help you complete your look and liven up your outdoor space with patio accessories.

1. Add Accent Lighting

Accent lighting over a patio

Patio lights quickly transform an outdoor space and create an ambience that’s envy-worthy. To learn more about where to hang patio lights and the different types, check out how to transform your outdoor space with patio lights. You can also add light by incorporating lanterns, patio torches, or a brand new outdoor light fixture.

2. Take a Seat

An orange patio set

The center of any great outdoor space is seating for your family and friends. There are so many types of patio furniture to consider for your serene patio spaces! Remember to consider the size of gatherings and the function you want your patio furniture to play when picking what type is best suited for you. You can also switch it up from a typical patio set and try a porch swing, a relaxing rocking chair, a hammock, or sit and enjoy your morning coffee on a bistro set.

3. Add Texture & Color

Outdoor patio set with pillows

A great way to add texture and liven up your outdoor space is with outdoor rugs and outdoor pillows. Including an outdoor rug and outdoor pillows as patio accessories not only adds warmth and comfort, but they feature pops of color and design that can pull your whole look together.

4. Utilize Decorative Storage Space

Patio storage bin

Don’t sacrifice style when it comes to storage! Consider using storage benches to hold extra cushions, toys, pool accessories, or garden tools. These storage benches provide storage space without taking away seating area.

5. Go For Greenery

A yard decorated with flowers and greenery

Mix in elements of outside like hanging flower baskets and lush greenery to make your patio space feel charming and inviting. Choose a flower pot that matches your style and be sure to pick plants that will flourish in that area. For example, if you have a covered front porch, go with high shade plants instead of ones that need several hours of direct sunlight.

6. Get a Gazebo

An outdoor gazebo by the pool

A gazebo can create a definite outdoor space, especially if you don’t have a deck, patio, or porch. They add privacy and give you a shaded area to enjoy on those really hot summer days. When you add other patio accessories to your gazebo, it can be a versatile, eye-catching element to any outdoor space.

7. Heat it Up

An outdor patio heater

Install a fire pit or patio heater. There are several shapes, sizes, and designs for fire pits, so you can get creative in finding one that fits your patio layout and budget. If you want a cozy warm space without fire, try a patio heater. They come in free-standing and tabletop sizes to complement any outdoor space; big or small. Having a source of heat allows you to extend the time of use for your outdoor space!

8. Become a Backyard Bartender

An outdoor barcart

Throw the perfect party with an outdoor bar cart or stylish beverage bucket. It’s convenient for guests to grab their favorite ice cold beverage and makes entertaining simple and fun. The great thing about a bar cart or beverage bucket is they come in multiple variations, so they are a great addition to any style of outdoor space. This could even be a weekend do-it-yourself project! 

9. Wind Down With Wind Chimes

Windchimes hanging outside

You can almost hear the calming sounds and feel the nice breeze when you think about wind chimes! Not only are wind chimes decorative, their sounds can soothe the soul! If you’re looking to make your outdoor space peaceful and serene, hang up a wind chime or two! 

10. Pile Up Pretty

A rack holding fire logs

If you have an outdoor space with a fireplace or fire pit, you’ll need a place to store your firewood. Log racks help organize your firewood and also keep it dry. Today log racks are functional and attractive!