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Connected Home: How to Control Your House from Your Phone!

exterior of a house with it's lights turned on inside with the sunset in the background

Imagine a world where you could answer questions like, "Did I leave the lights on at the house?" and "Is my online order sitting on my front porch yet?" Or a time where you're returning from vacation, and – while still a half hour's drive away from home – you tell your thermostat to turn on the air conditioner in preparation for your arrival! 

A few years ago, you'd have been living in a dream world. But not anymore! Step into the future with smart home technology where you can control the lights, thermostat, and even keep an eye on your home’s security – all from your phone!

Leviton Decora Smart Switches and Outlets

Control your home with intelligent dimmers, switches, and outlets. With the ability to control from your smartphone, the lights in your home lay in the palm of your hand! 

Wi-Fi technology offers you the freedom to turn lights on and off using the free Leviton app. These products can be controlled through voice features compatible with Amazon Echo, Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Home. You also have the ability to set different lighting levels for every room in your house, as well as organize other smart products all under the same app. It’s that easy!

Honeywell Smart Thermostats

Control your thermostat settings wherever you are with a smart device. Honeywell offers many Wi-Fi enabled options to suit various homes. From changeable screen colors to smart alert and response technologies, these thermostats are customizable and ready to adapt to your every need. Through this series of thermostats, you not only have maximum control of your home, but also better control over your energy bills!

Philips Hue Smart Lights

Woman standing in her living room looking at her phone with a couple of lamps turned on in a dimly lit room

Light up your home with Phillips Hue personal wireless lighting. You can now easily control your light right from your smartphone. Create the right ambience for every moment by synching your Hue lights with your entertainment of choice. You can’t go wrong with energy-efficient LED light combined with smart home technology. Turn anything into an extraordinary experience and make life brighter.

Keep your energy bills down with Honeywell’s Wi-Fi compatible thermometers, dim your lights with touch screen technology by Leviton Decora Smart, and protect your home with state-of-the-art security from Ring, and light up your life with Philips Hue lighting. Staying connected has never been so easy!