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Fall Lawn Care - How to DIY

Fall lawn care

While many homeowners think of spring as the best time to fertilize, feed, and take care of their lawn, did you know that proper fall lawn care is the most important step to a healthy, year-round lawn? If you haven’t fertilized regularly during the summer - and let’s be honest, despite our great intentions in spring, we’ve probably missed a couple of feedings - your lawn is likely starved and/or thirsty from the higher temperatures and lower rainfall levels from the summer, and it needs strengthened before the harsh winter months hit. The key to fall lawn care is overseeding, which consists of aerating, seeding, and fertilizing your lawn.

What is overseeding?

Grass seed in a persons hand

Overseeding is the process of planting grass seed on top of your existing lawn without tearing up the grass or soil. Overseeding helps fill in bare patches in your lawn and makes your lawn more dense. The process makes your lawn stronger and healthier, so it’s best to overseed your entire lawn rather than just filling in the bare patches. It also chokes out weeds and helps your lawn resist extremes in temperature and weather.

Why should you overseed in the fall?

A man overseeding his lawn
  • Rain and soil moistures are often better in autumn
  • Soil temperatures are warm in the fall, while the air temperature cools and encourages grass growth
  • It helps get rid of summer weeds like crabgrass
  • Strengthens your lawn before winter, which can be harsh on many grasses
  • It gives your lawn a head start for next spring

How do you overseed a lawn?

Fall Lawn Care Schedule

No matter where you are in the country, you can follow these general guidelines for your fall lawn care schedule.

Properly overseeding your lawn this fall may be the difference between a healthy lawn that comes right back to life in the spring and one that requires a lot of work to get back into shape once winter is over. By mowing, aerating, seeding, fertilizing, and watering at the proper time this fall, you can ensure that your lawn remains healthy all year long.