10 DIY Spray Paint Projects

An assortment of different colored tops of spray cans

Rust-Oleum® has transformed looks all over the globe using spray paint. To inspire the DIYer in you, we picked our top 10 favorite Rust-Oleum® spray paint projects!

New to DIY?

First, choose a project. With these spray paint ideas, you’ll be able to completely transform something, AND it’s a lot easier than you think!

Some tips to keep in mind before starting any spray paint project:

  • You’ll want a smooth surface, so clean it thoroughly and you won’t see imperfections in the final product.
  • Apply the paint in multiple, light layers to keep drips at bay.
  • Allow your project to dry completely. Be patient to avoid fingerprints, scratches, or the need to do touchups later.

Good quality spray paint will guarantee the best results! Check out Rust-Oleum® spray paints at doitbest.com and ship them for FREE to your local store!