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Five Tips to Stay Warm on the Job Site

Men at cold job site

Winter is officially here and with that colder temperatures. For those who work outdoors, dropping temperatures can be dangerous and harmful to the body if the right precautions aren't taken. Staying warm also keeps muscles loose to help complete the task quickly with better results, and we all know the job must get done. Below are five tips to help tradesmen stay warm on the job site.

1. Keep Your Body Warm

Heated jacket

Heated jackets are one of the greatest inventions and necessity for sub-zero job sites. These jackets help keep you warm by utilizing built-in heating coils. There are usually two coils located on the chest and one in the back. Heated jackets reduce the need for bulky layers by trapping your body heat and prevent it from venting away. Powered by long-lasting, rechargeable batteries, the warmth will follow you wherever you go. They are typically waterproof and windproof, also lightweight with many pockets, perfect for holding any tools or accessories.

2. Protect Your Hands, Head, and Feet

Man wearing hat and gloves

The fastest way a person can lose body heat is through their head and feet. Investing in good-quality outerwear will ensure that your head and feet stay warm and dry. There is nothing worse than having wet socks and a cold head while trying to work. Decrease the chance of frostbite by finding a pair of lightweight gloves to wear under your protective work gloves or opt for heated gloves. You can also insert pocket warmers into your jacket to help warm up hands while taking a break.

3. Add Extra Heat

Hand warmers

While gloves are the most effective way to keep your hands warm, having pocket warmers or hand warmers will heat up fast and will keep your hands warm and toasty! These little pieces of heaven are long-lasting, versatile, and come in many different forms, like disposable, refillable, or rechargeable. The most common ones are disposable. Give them a crack and off to work you go.

4. Layer Up

Man outside wearing layers of clothes

If heated jackets aren't your thing, or you prefer to layer up to stay warm, make sure to follow the three-layer rule. Always have a base layer, an insulating layer, and an outer layer. The base layer should contain moisture-wicking properties, like polyester or nylon, that will prevent sweat absorption. Your second layer will help insulate and keep body heat from escaping. This layer should be a breathable material like cotton, linen, or fleece. Your outermost layer or your shell should protect you from the harsh elements. You'll want something windproof and waterproof, but allows you to have a full range of motion still.

5. Use Job Site Heaters

Job site heater

Invest in the right heater. If you are working indoors, use an electric heater or go for a big propane heater to heat outdoor job sites. Propane heaters put off outstanding amounts of heat and are fuel-efficient. If anything, you'll be able to warm your hands and body while taking a break.

Keeping warm on the job site is crucial. You are now equipped with the right tips for staying warm in winter, which will help improve productivity while also keeping you happy and healthy.