Moving Checklist: 10 Things to Do When You Move into a New Home

New Home Moving Checklist

A person handing keys to a couple

Moving into a new home is an exciting time, but it comes with a lot of work too. What room should you unpack first? Are there any repairs that you need to make right away? How safe is my new home? Make this time less stressful and more fun by following our moving checklist with 10 things to do when you first move into your new home.

1. Prioritize with a List

A person writing a list

Get your priorities straight right out of the gate! Make a list of everything you want to accomplish in your new home and set goals. When do you want each task completed? Are there things that you want to do the first week or even the first day you’re there? Creating a list will help to make sure you don’t forget anything.

2. Install New Locks & Garage Door Openers

Keys inserted into a lock on a door

Get your garage door remotes reprogrammed or install a new garage door opener. It’s possible the previous owners have an extra remote. Install new locks on all exterior doors and outbuildings. Extra keys can easily be forgotten or kept, so it’s best to be safe with your belongings in your new place.

3. Add Instant Privacy with Curtains

A bedroom with curtains covering the windows

Arrange to set up window treatments on the day you move in for bedrooms and any other rooms that you want to make sure you have privacy right away. Curtains or blinds are an easy fix and can be installed in minutes. Just make sure you have a few tools packed in an easy-to-reach box!

4. Do a Whole Home Deep Clean

A person mopping a kitchen floor

When you’re moving into a new home, you’ll definitely want to bring your family and all of your belongings into a clean house. Armed with a list of deep cleaning dos and don’ts, you’ll have your new house ready for not only your family, but guests as well!

5. Protect Your Family with a Security System

Ring doorbell video on a phone

Set up your home security system, or try using Ring security cameras and floodlights to give you peace of mind. Whether it's a doorbell showing who's on your porch, or a floodlight illuminating someone sneaking around your backyard, each one enables you to be alerted and to be able to see and speak with them via live-streaming audio and video. Find out more about Ring home security products to get started on your path to better home security.

6. Get Your Internet Up and Running

A person pointing a remote at a TV with Netlix on it

Everything runs on WiFi these days, so make sure you have an internet provider lined up to help you get everything set up and working properly. Don’t forget your television, so you can stream your must-see shows after a long day of moving!

7. When in Doubt, Switch it Out

A man testing a smoke detector

There are some things in the house that you just can’t get clean enough. Think… toilet seats. These are fairly inexpensive items and very easy to switch out. Just get a new seat already! Other items that might be a good idea to change right away include:

  • Replace furnace filters
  • Swap out old water filters in the refrigerator
  • Test smoke detectors and/or replace batteries
  • Test carbon monoxide alarms
  • Test and/or replace sump pump

8. Pick a Room to Prep First

A living room with a couch and TV

It would be nice to go into your new home and tackle everything at once, but let’s face it that just isn’t possible! Pick one room in the house that you want to start with, and make it count. Make that room your oasis to escape to when the rest of the house is making you crazy. If it’s the living room, get everything set up quickly. Make sure your television is ready, your furniture is put back together after the move, and you’re ready to sit down and relax after a long day of moving and unpacking.

9. Change Your Address

Address number plate on top of a mailbox

Make sure to change your address with the USPS, and ask about mail forwarding! Forwarding your mail will give you a little flexibility with your new address, so you don’t miss any important bills or other mail. You can even update your address online at It’s simple and easy, so give it a go!

10. Do Your Own Inspection

A calculator and a budget plan laying on a counter

You most likely had your new home inspected as part of the loan process, but it doesn’t hurt to do your own inspection. Look in the attic and crawlspace to see if there are leaks, pests, mold, or even falling insulation. Get an idea of the work that you will need to do in the near future. This will help you plan your budget for any updates or repairs too.

That’s it! With 10 simple tips, you’ll be in your new home and armed with a game plan of action for repairs, everyday maintenance, and even long-term renovations! Now it’s time to enjoy every part of your new home that made you decide to move in the first place.