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The Color Bar

Henery Hardware specializes in all things paint.  Whether you're looking for expert advice on the right product for the job, top tier paint matching, or simply spray paint, we've got you covered.  We are ready to serve you at all four of our locations from Port Townsend and Kingston, to Anacortes and Colville.  Choose from over 2,000 colors from the comfort of your own home, or visit your local Henery Hardware and allow one of our talented team members to serve you.  At Henery Hardware, we offer three quality paint lines that will last for years to come: Best Look, Valspar, and Rodda.  Are you ready to begin your color journey?  We're ready to do it by your side.

Step 1: Choose your paint line

Step 2: Choose your color family

Once you have decided which paint line you desire, you will need to decide on a color.  Choose from one of the paint families to begin your color journey.  You can select your color based on a pre-established idea, or you can check out each lines current color trends!

Choose your color family

Step 3: Choose your sheen

The next step will be to choose your sheen.  A sheen is in a sense, the level of gloss your new paint will reflect.  Each brand's gloss level will slightly vary.  For Valspar and Best look, your four main sheens are as follows:







A matte finish that's stain resistant and hides minor imperfections.

A smooth finish with a faint sheen that stands up to frequent retouching.

A velvety finish that's durable and easy to wipe clean.

A lustrous, durable finish that's exceptionally washable and scuff resistant.





Family, Dining and Living Rooms




Kid's Rooms




Exterior Siding







Laundry Rooms



Doors, Trim, and Cabinets



Our friends over at Rodda Paint have put together an in-depth list for each application.  View that list below.

Rodda Gloss Recommendations

Step 4: Contact your local Henery Hardware and get painting!

After coming to a decision on what your brand, color and sheen are, it's time to put an order together.

Write down, or print off, the color code of your new paint.  For example, if you have decided to shop Best Look and really like the color code 411F (Riverstone), that code paired with the sheen and size is all we need to know.

Simply call into your local Henery Hardware and ask for the paint department.  Let them know you are wanting to put an order together for pickup for "x" amount of gallons or quarts of "411F Riverstone" (replace this with your code).  Finally let them know your sheen of choice and the rest is on us!

Here is a list of our stores with the corresponding numbers:

Now that you've placed your order it's time to get your paint on.

If for whatever reason, you are unable to find a color you love between one of our brands, we offer a top tier color matching service.  We can color match any of these 2,000+ colors into any of our paint lines, or better yet, you can bring any item that has a color you desire and we can match your paint to that item.

Thank you for choosing Henery Hardware and trusting us with your paint.  We know how much it matters to you, because that's how much it matters to us.  We look forward to serving you soon!

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