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Exterior Paint for a Colorful Front Door

By McCabe Do it Center

If you are looking to spice up the exterior of your home with a pop of color, then look no further than McCabe Do It Center where you can buy superior Benjamin Moore paint products! The newest trends see most homes painted beautifully with neutral colors such as white or beige; However, there is something fun and unique about contrasting those neutrals with a colorful front door.

Exterior paint for a colorful front door

At McCabe Do It Center, we believe the Benjamin Moore Aura® Exterior Paint line makes for a perfect paint choice to express your personal style with your front door. This line is made with ColorLock® technology to improve the performance, durability, look, and feel of the product even in the most extreme weather conditions. This paint also has “extreme hide,” which means fewer coats are needed, which saves time and money on the project! And when it comes to selecting a color, McCabe Do It Center will have thousands for you to choose from - along with all the supplies you need, like brushes, pails, drop clothes, tape, and way more.

Red Brings Attention to the Space

If you are looking to make a bold statement, considering painting your front door something red or yellow, such as Caliente AF-290. This stark contrast will make your house stand out among the rest and the Aura® Exterior Paint line will give your door a vibrant and long-lasting finish. The paint is durable and has a limited lifetime warranty so your front door will always be in top shape!

Matching Paint Can Obscure Prominent Points

Another way to add some color to the exterior of your home is to match your front door to the color palette inside your home. For example, if your living room has a strong accent color such as Hunter Green 2041-10, consider painting your front door that exact same color. The Aura® Exterior line has paints in three different finishes: flat, low lustre, and high gloss, so you will be able to match the tone and sheen of your interior color beautifully.

Compliment Your Space With Complementary Color

Another option for adding some color to the exterior of your home is to paint your front door with a neutral that has a little more depth, such as October Mist 1495, which happens to be Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2022! This muted sage is not your average neutral, and would make a beautiful canvas for any exterior home decorations you may have. Because this color is still a neutral, it can truly complement the color of any home.

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Whether you are looking to make a bold statement with your front door, tie the color into your interior décor, or get on trend with Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2022, McCabe Do It Center has all your paint needs covered. To learn more about our must-have paint, as well as our full selection of home goods from grills and power tools to holiday décor and items for summer fun, be sure to contact us online or visit us today at McCabe Do It Better. We are located in Cincinnati, Ohio, and proudly serve Cincinnati, Montgomery Township, Sycamore Township, Madera, and Delhi, Ohio. We cannot wait to help you on your painting journey.