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Introducing Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2023

By McCabe Do it Center

With the new year comes renewed inspiration - we get motivated to spend more time with our loved ones and to make determinations for how we plan to change during the year to come with our traditional New Year’s resolutions.

Benjamin Moore has a new year’s tradition of its own that may help you reach your goals of bringing family and friends together and reinvigorating your space with its Color of the Year 2023 and Color Trends 2023 Palette - introducing Raspberry Blush and its collection of complementary and contrasting colors, available at all our locations at McCabe’s Do It Center.

Raspberry Blush is Color of the Year 2023

Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2023

Who’s blushing? It’s Raspberry Blush 2008-30, our Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2023! A red-orange coral with just a tinge of pink, Raspberry Blush isn’t a shy tone - and we love it! Moving away from the popular neutral tones of past years’ trends, Raspberry Blush is proud to stand out - and it offers a way to live in vibrant color. Bold and inspired by an electric optimism, Raspberry Blush is perfect for enlivening an entire room, accenting a wall, or decorating a doorway.

Showcasing the Color Trends 2023 Palette

Color trends 2023
  • Deep chocolate Wenge AF-180 has undertones of black, brown, and violet and is a warm tone perfect for grounding vibrant spaces or neutral-toned havens.
  • Cinnamon 2174-20 is a warm brown with orange undertones. It lives on the corner of neutral and colorful, acting as a bridge between the two color communities.
  • Savannah Green 2150-30 stands out with its ochre-esque golden yellow and green undertones. Explore higher sheens for a luxe gemstone feel.
  • North Sea Green 2053-30 blends two of the best watery tones—a gorgeous gray leaning toward blue-green—to create a moody and soothing teal tone.
  • A true navy with just a hint of violet, Starry Night Blue 2067-20 offers a constellation of possibility and the opportunity to add modern and romantic vibes to a space.
  • Conch Shell 052 is a neutral-tending pink with a slight dusty sepia undertone. This hue balances with other shades and shines in place of boring beiges.
  • Is it gray or is it a very light lavender? New Age 1444 straddles the line between light gray and desaturated purple and offers a cool modern neutral for 2023 and beyond. Of course, we can’t forget our Color of the Year 2023, Raspberry Blush 2008-30! A red orange with a berry blast, this is the tone that inspired the Color Trends 2023 Palette.

Try Them at Home with Complementary Neutrals

Whether you’re using them as whole-wall colors or accenting tones, the Color of the Year 2023 and Color Trends 2023 Palette were created with balancing neutrals in mind - each with warm, cool, or neutral traces.

  • Etiquette AF-50 is a stunning light to medium beige that allows bold tones to take center stage.
  • White Heron OC-57 is a slightly cool and classic white.
  • Gray Owl OC-52 is a downy cool gray with a crisp cast.
  • Onyx 2133-10 is a grounded black with a rich cast.

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You can mix and match the complementary neutrals with our entire Color Trends 2023 Palette including our Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2023, Raspberry Blush. Contact us online or visit us at our locations in Cincinnati on Montgomery Road, Laurel Avenue, and Delhi Pike, Ohio, to find the perfect combination of colors to refresh your space in the new year.