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The Best Fire Pit for Your Yard

By McCabe Do it Center

S’mores, scary stories, ciders with friends, hot dogs, and that one neighbor that always has his guitar out are just a few of the amazing things that happen around a fire.

The Best Fire Pit

Outdoor fire pits are an excellent addition to any outdoor space and can be used in all seasons. The type of outdoor fire pit you choose for your space can depend on your setup and how you’ll use it, along with a few other preferences and specifications.

The first thing to consider when choosing an outdoor fire pit is where you will use it. What surface will it be sitting on when in use? Using a fire pit on grass, concrete, or a wooden deck has different requirements.

The Best Outdoor Fire Pits for Grass

If your fire pit will be sitting on the grass while lit, you’re likely wondering how to keep your grass from burning. The best choice for grass is an elevated fire pit with a spark screen or mesh cover, which keeps flying embers from landing on the nearby blades. It’s important to also consider the following safety steps:

  • Spray or pour water around the perimeter of the fire pit
  • Consider using a fire pit mat or gravel underneath
  • Use a different spot every few burns

The Best Outdoor Fire Pits for Wood Decks

It might seem scary to put a fire pit on a wood deck, but with the right type of fire pit and careful safety precautions, you can take advantage of this outdoor space.

Choose a fire pit with legs that keep it above the wooden surface of your deck. It’s best to use a fire pit covered with a metal mesh top instead of an open-flame pit when on wood or near the house.

Of course, enjoying a fire on a deck requires some further preventative measures.

  • Have a fire poker on hand so you can quickly attend to the pit from a safe distance
  • Use the fire pit a safe distance from flammable structures like furniture, awnings, flags, etc.
  • Don’t use the fire pit on your deck in windy weather

Consider using a gas fire pit on decks and near your home. Gas fire pits burn more evenly, and you’ll have fewer spark flyaways. 

Best Outdoor Fire Pits for Concrete

Concrete is a relatively safe surface for your outdoor fire pit. Concrete won’t catch fire, so an open flame fire pit isn’t as much of an issue as on grass or wood decks. If you want to use an eye-catching focal piece like a solid fake stone fire pit that you mostly keep in one place, a concrete surface is a great spot. You can use wood or gas fire pits on concrete, but extreme temperatures can discolor or crack the surface over time. It is still important to follow the typical fire safety regulations.

  • Keep fire pits as far from flammable structures as possible
  • Check with your local fire and burning ordinances
  • Never leave a pit unattended
  • Be mindful of windy weather
  • Don’t place fire pits under ceilings or coverings lower than 10 feet and without plenty of open air

Fire Pits Near Cincinnati, OH

We have a wide range of outdoor fire pits to choose from in southeastern Ohio. Come visit us online or at our locations in Cincinnati, Montgomery Township, Sycamore Township, Madera, and Delhi, Ohio, to find the perfect addition to your outdoor space. McCabe Do It Yourself Center is more than just a quick-stop home improvement store. We’re a local hardware store and pride ourselves on our extraordinary customer service. We’re here to help you get started on your new project or troubleshoot along the way.