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Woodford Y34 1 In. NPT X 3/4 In. MPT X 2 Ft. Galvanized Pipe Freezeless Yard Hydrant

Model #Y34-2 Item #404854 UPC 00671090004416
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Product overview
Woodford Y34 freezeless yard hydrant 1 In. x 3/4 In. NPT x MPT 1 In. galvanized steel pipe x 4 Ft. or 5 Ft. bury depth. The Woodford IOWA model Y34 (Orange Head) 3/4 In. NPT variable-flow yard hydrant is immediate-flowing, even in sub-zero conditions. The adjustable linkage provides easy and positive adjustment of the lever lock tension. A rod guide eliminates side pull on the rod, reducing wear on the packing, packing nut and the stem. The 1-piece variable-flow plunger and the large cushion type seal for long life, assuring shut-off, even when foreign particles are present in the water line. The flow finder and lock automatically sets the same flow each time or can be locked against accidental opening. And the Y34 automatically drains when shut-off. Features include 4 Ft. or 5 Ft. bury, 84-1/2 In. or 96-1/2 In. overall length of hydrant. Adjustable linkage allows for fine adjustments of the handle. Long-life graphite packing. Repairs can be made from the head of the hydrant, no need to tear out the hydrant from the ground.

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Overall Length 47-1/2 In.
Outlet Size 1 in.
Inlet Size 3/4 In. NPT
Pipe Material Galvanized Steel
Casing 1 In. Galvanized steel pipe
Bury Length 2 Ft.
Brand Woodford
UPC 00671090004416