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Zep 64 Oz. Liquid Heat Drain Opener & Cleaner

Model #ZULHG64 Item #449803 UPC 00021709020885
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Product overview
When other liquid drain openers fail and you need a solution fast, turn up the heat. Perfect for tough bathroom clogs. Liquid Heat Drain Opener pours through standing water and penetrates clogs quickly. Specially formulated to melt away soap scum, hair and other build up. This professional-strength formula is safe for pipes and septic systems.
  • Run hot water in pipes before and after using liquid heat to help loosen build up and flush out the pipes
  • Commercial drain cleaner that is safe for all pipes and septic systems
  • Avoid contact with faucets, drain stopper, trim and countertops, if contact occurs, rinse immediately
  • Do not use drain cleaner in toilets, garbage disposals or with a plunger
  • For use on food build up, soap scum, hair and grease clogs
  • Home drain cleaner that works in standing water
  • Formulated to cling on to the obstruction and open tough bathroom sink, tub and shower clogs
  • Liquid heat is fast and best used on organic build up, for fully clogged pipes, take it up a notch and use crystal heat
Container Size 64 Oz.
Chemical Form Liquid
Commercial/Residential Commercial/Residential
For Septic Use Yes
Type of Issue Drain Clogs
Prevention Formula No
Number Of Treatments Per Container 4
Compatible Pipe Material All pipes and septic systems
Drain Cleaners Type Sinks, Tubs, Shower
Set Time 7 Min.
Brand Zep
UPC 00021709020885