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Mechanic In A Bottle

Mechanic In A Bottle 2-N-1 Fuel Quality Test Swab (60-Count)

Model #7-960-9 Item #700084 UPC
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Product overview
2-n-1 Fuel Quality Test Swabs are simple-to-use - 3 easy steps. Dip 1 of the test swabs into the bottom of gas tank for 5 to 10 seconds, let air dry for 1 minute - not to exceed 5 minutes. Compare swab to chart on canister and follow recommendations. Checks for water in the tank and if the fuel is marginal or stale even though it does not smell bad. (Ethanol masks the scent of decomposing fuel). 60 test swabs per can.
Count 60-Count
Brand Mechanic In A Bottle