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Tap My Trees

Tap My Trees Maple Sugaring Aluminum & Stainless Steel Starter Kit

Model #TMT02312 Item #703417 UPC 00851080002220
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Product overview
Maple sugaring starter kit with aluminum buckets. Includes: 3 aluminum 2-gallon buckets, 3 metal lids, Maple Sugaring at Home book, 3 stainless steel spiles, 3 hooks, (1) 7/16 inch drill bit, and 1 cheesecloth. Aluminum bucket features reinforced hole to hang bucket from tree. Lid prevents rain, snow, and foreign material from entering the bucket. Stainless steel spile (tap) is inserted into drilled hole in tree to transfer sap into bucket. Hook is attached to spile and used to hang the bucket. The included book provides step-by-step instructions about how to tap maple trees along with other useful information about collecting and storing sap. 7/16 inch drill bit with 3/8 inch shank is used to drill tap hole into maple tree. Cheesecloth is used to filter any solids when transferring sap from the collection bucket to a storage container.
Material Aluminum & Stainless Steel
Type Starter Kit
Brand Tap My Trees
UPC 00851080002220