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Turf Builder

Scotts Turf Builder Healthy Plus 27.4 Lb. 8000 Sq. Ft. Lawn Food

Model #26032 Item #761282 UPC 00032247003889
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Product overview
Scotts Turf Builder Healthy Plus Lawn Food is a 2-in-1 lawn care product that contains a broad-spectrum and systemic fungicide for prevention and control 27 types of lawn diseases. Ideal to control brown patch, leafspot, powdery mildew, and red thread. In addition, the added fertilizer feeds for a thicker, greener lawn and strengthens each blade of grass down to the root to help your lawn recover from stresses. This fast-acting formula dissolves quickly to begin working in 24 hours, providing up to 4 weeks of control.
  • Broad-spectrum and systemic fungicide
  • Controls 27 types of diseases, including brown patch, leafspot, powdery mildew, and red thread
  • Apply this treatment prior to disease symptoms when conditions are favorable for disease and/or stressful periods
  • Ideal for use on most grass types
Coverage Area 8000 Sq. Ft.
Product Form Granules
Concentrate or Ready To Use Ready To Use
Longevity 28 Days
Bag Size 27.40 Lb.
Season Use Spring/Summer
N-P-K Ratio 19-0-10
Brand Scotts
UPC 00032247003889