CatTongue Grips

CatTongue Grips Gription 10 Ft. Black Non-Abrasive Anti-Slip Roll

Model #UC18-00162 Item #807619 UPC 00850000316553
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Product overview
Non-abrasive anti-slip roll. Allows you to get a better grip on anything, anywhere. Ideal to secure your couch, rugs, and other furniture so that they do not slip on wood or tile floors. Get a solid grip on your mop/broom, silverware, video game controllers, and other household items. Keep dog bowls, retractable leashes, litter boxes, and other pet supplies in place. Adhere it to the bottom of your wireless keyboard, portable hard drive, monitor, or stand, to keep your desk supplies where they belong. Prevent needless accidents when using a hatchet, jackhammer, ladder, and other workplace equipment. Enhance precision with your chef's knives, paintbrushes, camera lenses, and other creative tools. Stabilize your cane, walker, crutches, hearing aids, wheelchair foot pads, and other accessibility equipment. Enhance performance by getting a firm grip on lacrosse and hockey sticks, baseball bats, tennis rackets, and other athletic equipment. Protect camping gear from slipping in your truck bed and your tackle box, binoculars, and hiking poles from falling out of your hands.
  • Non-abrasive will not ruin your phone or leave behind any gummy, sticky goo or residue
  • Will not scratch your furniture, floor, car dashboard or the paint on your car
  • Waterproof
  • Made with HDPE plastic
  • Eco-friendly - unlike most other plastics & adhesive materials, HDPE is recyclable
  • Allergy-and-irritant-free
Size 10 Ft.
Dimensions 10 Ft.
Width (In.) 10 Ft.
Length (Ft.) 10
Brand CatTongue Grips
UPC 00850000316553