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HIC Kitchen 8 In. Hardwood Pestle Strainer

Model #43658 Item #AW3MCQ UPC 00781723436580
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Product overview
HIC's Wooden Pestle is the perfect helper tool for using cone-shaped sieves, known as chinoises, to strain sauces, stocks, and broths. A chinois easily processes cooked ingredients into smoother velvety textures with even consistencies for tastier results. No more lumps! Liquids pass easily through the mesh while pulp and thicker ingredients need a bit more help. HIC's 8-inch Pestle fits the depth of the chinois cone perfectly to press thicker ingredients thoroughly. Easy to use. Simply cook ingredients, pulse them in a blender, and pour blended contents into the Chinois with a bowl placed at the base to collect liquids. Use the Pestle to press pulp and thicker ingredients through the mesh to help thicken sauces and reduce waste. It's the perfect addition to cooking tools and canning supplies for making creamier sauces, smoother soups, perfect purees and pastes, flawless batters, jellies, custards, curds, yogurts, and more. Made from hardwood, HIC's Chinois Pestle is easy to use and clean. Hand wash in warm, soapy water.
  • Presses pulp and thicker ingredients through a fine-mesh chinois for smooth, velvety textures and tastier results without any lumps
  • Made from hardwood; tapered to work perfectly with a cone-shaped chinois
  • Simply pulse ingredients in a blender, pour into a chinois, press pulp and thicker contents through the mesh with pestle and into a collection bowl
  • Ideal helper tool for canning and making sauces, soup, purees, pastes, jelly, custard, curds and more
  • Processes thicker ingredients quickly; use with HIC's Chinois #43657 to press pulp and thicker foods through the mesh; hand wash in warm, soapy water
Color Natural
Handle Material Hardwood
Strainer Material Hardwood
Strainer Diameter (In.) 8
UPC 00781723436580