Midwest Fastener

Midwest Fastener 13/32 In. x .040 In. x 43/64 In. x 1 In. Steel Ajax Springs

Model #18649 Item #TZ0S9H UPC 00738287186499
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Product overview
Compression springs are coils designed to become shorter when loaded. Their turns are not touching in the unloaded position, and they need no attachment points. As the industrys most trusted fastener supplier, Midwest Fastener has earned a reputation for delivering a complete line of high-quality bulk and construction fasteners to meet consumer needs. Contractors and DIYers alike have come to depend on Midwest Fastener to provide them with the critical parts and fasteners necessary to ensure the success of their projects.
  • Midwest Fastener
Length 1 In.
Diameter 13/32 In.
Gauge .040 WG